Cairngorm Adventure Triathlon

Just registered for the Cairngorm Adventure Triathlon. It's:

  • 3km canadian canoe
  • 25km mountain bike
  • 5km run

Never done a triathlon of any kind before, and currently not running due to knee problems, so should be interesting!

Anyone done this? Any tips for canoe traning without a canoe?


  • lat pull downs, we are Canadian canoing across Scotland in September. The local council in Wakefield rents canoes really cheaply , each boat is £10.60 for an hour and a half

  • CormorantCormorant ✭✭✭

    Sorry, could have sworn I replied to this.

    Thanks, will try lat pull downs. Also found an arm bike at the gym that might be handy for arm endurance.

    Enjoy your Scotland trip - hope the weather holds out.

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