Can I just say...

... how really pleased I am about this site. I am so happy to know that I'm not the only person who is so 'geeked-up' and passionate about running, fitness and sport in general.

Thanks Runner's World !


  • Welcome to the happy bad of nutters, home to all those people your mum warned you about - but at least we understand when family/friends glaze over at a rep session with 30 sec fartleks :-)
  • You'll be cursing our legs off in a few weeks when you can't get anything done - including running - because you're hooked on the forum.
  • You're dead right on that. I only popped on for a quick snoop around, and here I am two hours later still printing off training schedules, digging around for a photo to load up against my where's my scanner ?
  • When you are bent over the screen in a darkened room in the early hours of the morning, friends and family have given up hope, children point at your house and say in whispered tones 'thats where he lives' you will know there is no escape for THE FORUM HAS YOU.
  • When you find it's way past midnight, your eyes are tired and puffy, and even the dogs have gone to bed - you know it's too late, you're addicted. I promised myself today just to sign on once, but here I am for the 2nd time already and I've been on almost an hour now. Time to go!

  • This site really encourages bad parenting! I'm normally into spending quality time with my daughter on a Saturday morning, but as soon as I picked her up from her mum's this morning, I just brought her back home, stuck on a Tweenies video, whilst I went upstairs to logon! I need to nip this habit in the bud pretty quickly before it gets out of control. Anyone got the number for The Priory?
  • You may find it difficult to resist but I can handle it. I'm alright.

    A little dabble in the mornings before I start work, a check later on (maybe say at 20 min intervals) to see how things are cooking, before and after meals (and actually eating while on line isn't difficult) then in the evening, if there's nothing on telly back on the forums (and anyway you can always tape anything you really want to watch).And research now says that 5 or 6 hours sleep a night is healthy so I'm doing myself good staying on line till the small hours - right?

    The RW Forums ? They're not a problem, I can handle them... ;oD

  • I was telling my wife about the Forum at the weekend. She gave me a funny look and demanded "When do you get any work done?". I laughed. Then I realised that she was serious.

    Just as well the boss hasn't realised yet....
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