Pre Race Food

I am doing a half marathon on Sunday and it starts at 9.00 am and I am travelling there so will have to leave home around 6.15 am.

I am planning on having porridge with milk and honey at around 5.30 am and then was going to either have a banana or some maltloaf around an hour before the start time.  Should this be enough fuel do you think?


  • What do you normally eat before your long runs?

  • Plenty I would have thought.  You might even be ok without the banana/maltloaf.

  • I can't stomach much first thing in the morning so normally just have a banana and then go out and run about an hour later.  I always do my long runs early in the morning but don't get up until about an hour before I leave the house, so that's why I was wondering what to do on race day as it will be three hours with no food if I leave the house at around 6.15.

    MIght just stick with the porridge then.  I don't want to end up feeling sick while running. 



  • I aim to stop eating 3 hours before. If I really felt the need for something I would go for a gel or sports drink that I find easy to stomach.

  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    More importantly what are you eating the night before ... and is it something high in carbs.

    For a half marathon you don't need to get into the full three days of carb loading, but it makes sense to make sure you eat plenty of carbs the day before (e.g. bread at lunch time & pasta for the evening meal).  This way your sunday morning porridge is just topping up your reserves.  

    I have a similar routine to you, where I'd normally run in the morning prior to breakfast & I tend to have breakfast two to three hours prior to the race and then not eat again before.  I've then drank a bottle of water or energy drink one to two hours before the event.


  • I feel better about it now.  Will definitely be making sure I have plenty of carbs the day before and have porridge before I travel.  

    Will drink water before too.  It's my first race so haven't got a pre race routine yet lol

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