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Hi guys!
Need some advice re ironman races and, more specifically, how much it takes out of you in subsequent weeks......I know some of you are dead experienced at the full distance.

I've just started looking towards next year and listing events. Normally I don't have a problem with a run of sprint tri's every 1-2 weeks. But I really want to do a full ironman next year.

Prob is i was pretty keen to get stuck into the longest day on 18th july as it's a handy venue, easier course and cheap (in comparison!). But having checked this date I have also noticed that I have the london tri the week after - I've already spent a shed-load of cash to enter this.

So is 2 weeks enough time to recover from the ironman, and build up enough energy to put in a good personal performance in london. want to do well in both.

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  • I think it really depends Daz.

    I think you'd have to treat London as a bit of fun and see what happens.

    I was able to do a pb for Olympic distance at London seven days after Ironman Switzerland, but not sure it was a particularly wise thing to do. I had entered both without realising and didn't want to waste the money I'd spent on entering London.

    I decided just to enjoy it and felt very good on the day. One thing's for sure, Olympic distance is a breeze mentally after an Ironman.
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    cheers rich. i may look for other options - are there any french ims?
    dont really want to travel further out/by plane.
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  • Ironman France is the weekend of 26-27 June, so timing would be ok. Its known as one of the tougher races though, but supposed to be very good.

    You could try Austria which is late June (I think) and very flat and I've heard good reports about it. Flights to Klagenfurt are cheap as chips, if you book it soon they'll probably pay you to go!
  • Austria 4th July.

    Just seen on their site that South Africa are definitely getting a full Ironman in spring 2005. One for the diary.
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    Cool, will look into it. My only concerns are my bike (I would have to dismantle and but in a bike case I guess) and the fact I have fear of flying :O( ha!
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  • You could always drive then, Austria's not that far. A mate of mine drove down to IM Switzerland and camped down there, had a great time.
  • When I win the lottery I'm going to buy you all a Forum Ironman Bus, fully equipped for international travel.
  • With unlimited champagne and a dance floor in the back?
  • Daz,

    Me & the Mrs did IM France in '02, and drove to Dover - ferry to calais, then 6 to 7 hour drive the other side.
    We stayed 2 weeks in Gerardmer - a beautiful place.
    If you want any info let me know.
    As far as recovery goes - I reckon it takes me a good 3 months to be fully recovered from full IM - 3 to 4 weeks for a half.

  • If it's a triple decker perhaps they could manage to install a pole...
  • I like the way this is heading. Keep my fingers crossed for the lottery on Saturday.
  • I'd agree with Paul, full recovery after an IM takes a while to be race fit again. Mr. IW tried to take on a sprint event just 6 days after an IM - swam o.k. but had lead in his legs on the bike and the run really hurt. Took him a lot longer to recover from IM than it did me, because he didn't rest when he should have.
    Having said that, RichardM also has it right that recovery is individual. I can usually manage to race tri and road races most of the year, and take a 6-to-8 week break
  • DazDaz ✭✭✭
    thanks guys!
    i've decided (for the time-being) to stick with LD followed by london 2 weeks after. i'll just rest first week and keep the legs moving the second.
    however, ill look into france, switzerland and austria.
    actually - which is the easier of these as far as the bike profile is concerned - anything to reduce chances of a bad-back
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  • I intend doing TLD as a get round exersize asn to see how it feels : so i can help refine my taining ....

    .... Then I can race and try to do my best in IMF

    (Well thats the plan)
  • good plan Will!!!

    Any chance of an TI swim update? hows the drills going..?
  • Daz,
    I'm doing Austria next year and think the bike course is the flattest of the 3 - with a flat run also...
    As already mentioned flights very cheap - we booked for the wednesday before the race with Ryanair and it was 55 quid for 3 of us one way..
  • Daz as CC said, Austria is the flattest by miles. Switzerland and France both have tough bike profiles.
  • MMmmm - early days on swimminf front - i've been i'll for a bit so have only had 2 pool sessions since my course - i think it'll be end of year befor i notice changes - but easy swimming now only takes 12-14 strokes to get up the pool
  • or even "ill"
  • No worries...
    Just taking an interest.. hope ya' shake the colds and whatever soon...

    12-14 strokes... you grown, or just training in a smaller pool now..?!!!

  • lol

    I want one of those really teeny ones that has a strong current so you don't go anywhere but swim for miles.
  • I think they look a bit rubbish to be honest...
  • but I wouldn't have far to swim to the sides should I be in danger of going glug.
  • This is true!
  • I know somone who is buying an endless pool
  • Does he have an endless pocket?
  • (and would he like a pet leopard, if so?)
  • Daz
    Just read your post about resting the week after TLD and turning your legs over the second week before doing London.
    I would suggest you do it the other way around. Unless you are actually injured after TLD (and your leg muscles will probably have hundreds of micro-tears) then I would recommend a week to 10 days of active recovery;
    spinning on the bike - no hills and no sprinting
    swimming at an easy pace - concentrating on stroke length and form rather than effort
    light very easy pace jogging (if you feel up to it)
    one or two massages, plenty of stretching and walking about.
    Rest for the final 3 or 4 days (perhaps a slow easy spin on the bike the day before).
    Dont't forget to keep up your fluid intake.
  • I ment to say that under this regime you are less likely to stiffen up and end up injuring yourself when you start moving again.
    It has worked for me on occasions when I have entered races without paying too much attention to how close they are to each other.
    Are you still doing the Luton Marathon? - I entered last week.
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