Chicago Marathon 2013

Hey all,

Anyone on here doing the Chicago marathon this year? Or anyone who has done it recently with tips/advise etc ?



  • Hello


    I'm running it, my first (and only) marathon. I'd also like any tips or advise, especially on any good recommendations on where to Carb load in Chicago?


    Also, was the windy city windy when any of you ran the marathon?





  • I ran it last year and achieved a PB. The race started at 7.30 which I think helped me. The course is great, nice wide streets so no congestion and no it was not very windy.

    It was quite cold at the start though so do have some disposable clothes to keep you warm.

    Also, make sure you stick to your own race plan. It's easy to get caught up in the excitement of it all and go off too fast. Stick to your pace even if it feels slow and it will help you to still be strong going in to those last 6 miles!

    Lots of places to eat and get some pasts from cheap to expensive, but you will get a very good portion.

    Also, I went up the Hancock Tower after the marathon. Don't pay to go up, just go up to the bar and treat yourself to a cocktail and take in the amazing views. Fabulous!

    Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


  • Hi


    I'm doing it too, has anyone received there participant guide yet? or Dave can you put my mind at rest and tell me how long before last year till you got it, no probs if you cant remember.


    Good luck all have a good run

    Coco 8

  • I did it a few years ago, and loved it.

    Yes, very early start, and it was blinkin' freezing when I did it. However, more recently it was abandoned dur to the heat -- so expect the unexpected!

    Chicago is a fab city. Make sure you manage to spend a few days doing tourist stuff e.g. sampling th emany excellent beers, and visiting one or two of the famous blues and R'n'B clubs. Chicago is famous for its pizzas, though personally I'm not keen on the Chicago pizza-pie style  The Cheesecake Factory is unmissable (but post-race only).

    Chicago is one of the world's great marathons. Be thankful you're taking part, and enjoy one of America's most under-estimated cities.

  • Thanks for the tips.

    Coco 8, I still haven't recieved my pack either. Reading the emails/websites, it suggests that you can email them to get your packet pick up ticket if you don't recieve a guide, so if I don't get mine by this weekend that's what i'll do.


  • Sounds great, thanks running commentary, getting well excited now.

    I e-mailed Chicago marathon and they replied the packet pick up ticket was sent last week first class and the electronic one will be sent this week. If you don't receive either please stop at the participant service desk at the expo where the staff will be happy to assist you.

  • Morning,

    Im flying out on Thursday morning.
    I have a garmin CX405 and I read that garmins 'cut out' in the first tunnel which is at around mile one.

    I don't have a foot-pod? Anyone know if I can get one for the 405 and at short notice?


  • You want the Garmin sdm4 foot pod but where you can get 1 from by tomorrow I haven't got a clue.

    I don't know if this helps I use a pace band and the mile markers and just leave the watch more as a rough guide to minute mile pace and also as a stopwatch. At least I have an excuse if I don't get a good time.

    Good luck

  • I ran this in 2008 and it was frigging boiling !!! The day of the race the temperature was recorded at 31 degrees and not a hint of a breeze , so you can forget that ' Windy City ' guff !!!

    The water stations ran out of water and it was a long , long day . The year before they abondoned the race in similar conditions . The only reason they didn't do it the year I ran was because at the time , Chicago was a candidate city to stage the 2014 Olympic Games , and to abandon it 2 years on the spin it would have a PR disaster for their bid .

    The course is a good one , fairly flat but can be a little quiet spectator-wise at times . Downtown is great and the run up through Lincoln Park is pleasing to the eye with the odd glimpse of Lake Michigan .

    Chicago is a nice city , Grant Park is nice for a stroll , you've got the shops on the magnificent mile , the Hancock Centre for the views and I would strongly recommend a cruise on Lake Michigan .

  • djwolfdjwolf ✭✭✭

    Hi All,


    I'm flying from Manchester on Friday, hopefully arrive about 2pm.

    Good luck to all running Sunday.image

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