Treadmill bargain @ Costco?

I've recently been looking at buying a treadmill & the Nordictrack EXP 1000 caught my eye, as being a reasonably priced mid range machine with a good motor & better than average warentee. I've found a couple of sites selling it at £989.00 down from it's rrp of £1299.00. And then my wife shows me the Costco passport with a discount on the EXP 1000 if you buy it between Oct 28 & Nov 3. Only £599.99

Am I sharing a bagain of a lifetime with you or, are they shifting them 'cause they're cr@p?


  • Don't know if it@s crap but all things I have got from Cost-co have been good.
  • Don't forget that as it's a trade store, all their prices are plus VAT, which unless you have already added it, makes it £703.82.

    Nothing wrong with the quality of their goods though.

  • Boing

    for you Donna
  • I take it its serious this time then PM. When can you run again. I'm curious about a 'cheap' one so will be watching this thread
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