Spinal Surgeons?

Please would any spinal or nerve experts out there advise me on whether the symptoms of Cauda Equina persist for a period of time AFTER surgery.

My wife had an operation on Wednesday - as an emergency procedure - and has the same degree of pain, loss of movement, function and numbness as before.

Thank you


  • I'd ring up the hospital and ask

  • Yeah. Think I'd ask who ever did the surgery 

  • Still in the hospital - emergency surgery required following complete lower body paralysis and internal organ failure.....all due to a prolapsed disk.

    Surgeon is one of those gung ho types - aren't they all? Anyway, I'm not convinced he actually has a full handle on the symptoms. He just likes operating. 

    Fingers crossed.

  • Not a surgeon but an employee of mine had emergency surgery to prevent Cauda Equina - prolapsed disc also - loss of urinary function and lack of motor function and it took a long time for  feeling and full mobility to return to the affected limb (she was lucky it was just one leg).  She eventually recovered full function but it took months.  The pain diminished very quickly from what I remember although she was off work for the first while and so I only saw her once she was able to walk again.

  • has she had a second surgery 210?

  • Six PhysioSix Physio ✭✭✭

    CE compression is the serious one and needs immediate surgical intervention, which thankfully your missus has had done.

    The compression on the nerve is no longer, but (and this is the key, and why intervention is needed immediately) the longer she has symptoms pre op the longer she'll have them post op.

    GA, above is correct. In hind sight it may take months to recover. But, if the pre op symptoms were severe and prolonged than a total recovery may be impossible. If the nerve has been permenantly damaged due to the compression and lack of blood supply then the post op outcome  is worse.

    Your missus (and you!) need to do everything possible to aid full recovery by working hard remedially. Physio needs to be at the top of the list. Recovery is very unlikely to be immediate, but with a fair wind and a nudge here and there I'm sure she'll do fine.

    Do though get in touch with doc or the ward sister to allay your concerns.

    Good Luck

  • Thank you all of you.

    We're taking an hour at a time to be honest. A GP pal of mine has re-defined the pain meds programme. That's worked.

    Pain centred on op area now, with a little sciatic pain. 

    Points noted about months to recover and physio.

    Again, thank you all.

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