Extra wide shoes


Alas, I have very wide feet and an enlarged toe joint on one foot.

I have an old pair of New Balance MR859EU in a (UK 9.5, 4E). By making a small slit in one shoe around the big toe joint, they fitted well enough with thin socks.

I recently bought (online) a pair of New Balance M580SB2, also 9.5, 4E. However they were a whole 2cm narrower around the circumference of the widest part of my foot and were totally unusable. I would describe them as ‘normal fit’, not 4E. They had to be returned.

I’m guessing that New Balance have changed lasts so their current 4E width is much narrower than their older 4E width.

New Balance makes a 6E fitting (limited availability and expensive) but given the above experience, I’m guessing they will still be too narrow.

Can anyone advise what shoes might fit?  I’d prefer some motion control but would consider anything wide enough!




  • Mr 860 v3 may do it? Best to goto a shop and try them on.i can only run in NB shoes same prob but Iam 2e....had the 859 was great for me 850 horrid, 789 not good, nut now on 860 v2 and they are working well for me

  • Hi Jeremy. If you read this, many thanks. I will try the MR860s.

  • It's a pain getting shoes when you have wide feet....what I would say is when you find a pair..make sure they work for you and buy a 2 nd pair cheap in a few months,but don't leave it too long or the next model comes out..

    ive got a pair in back up in the box,I got for44.99 of last years model.


  • sorted now?

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