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After doubling my training miles , for my last marathon at Manchester i managed to knock my PB from 4.07 to 3.39 , I Isis 800 mile in my training from big inning of December to end of April , managed it injury free , just wonderd , is this the kind of miles you have reach to keep at 3.39 kind of level , or should I be doing a little less and some extra hill work and speed runs , 

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    Thats under 40 miles a week avarage. Did you start low and build or is that about right?

    If I were marathon training I'd be looking at 45 miles a week base and building on that. Many can get by on far less. 25 miles a week. Others advocate 70+ miles. If you want to maintain or improve your times then increasing mileage is certainly going to help. If all you want to do is tick over then keep your weekly mileage as it is.

    You can incorporate hill training and speed work into your weekly mileage without sacrificing anything.

    If it's marathons that you want to do then your interval sessions are going to be longer, maybe mile+ reps. say 3x3 miles or 3x3 miles over undulating terrain.

    There's plenty of experts around who can give you an over view of different ways to train. It's just a matter of what you want, how much time you can commit etc.

    I would imagine that anyone reading your post would want more information. maybe what an avarage week looks like, which should include any other sport or training you do. For example, If you're cycling 100 miles a week then the need for greater running miles is decreased. Or if you wanted to knock another 30 mins off your pb then the need for more focused training is increased. All things are relative.

  • Hi thank you for the replie , 

    my weekly milage , I started of at about 30 miles a week up to 53 , got  two 20 milers and a 21 miler , up to 13 on my mid week run , plus tempo runs . Dec 127 . Jan 162 . Feb 175  . March 216 . April 140 including marathon . Why I ask is when I was do my 50 miler weeks , it was prob about my limit with work and other things , but I would like to still improve my marathon times , just wonderd if there is other ways to improve without ramping up my weekly milage , 

    regards scooter 


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