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Hi all,

have been out of action for few months resting after suffering from a pain on my right ankle. (Cumulus 12 cushioned at work and 1160 support at home).

after x-ray (no fracture), physio has done some tests and ruled out ligament problems. She said the problem is(was) tibialis posterior tendinopathy (tendonities). I have resumed jogging, slightly increasing distance and so fa so good.

she has suggested me to get a new pair of cushioned trainers to mitigate foot pronation.

I have not tried any yet, but have been thinking about Asics Cumulus, Asics Nimbus or Brooks Ghost.

Could you guys make comments/suggestions???

Are there any differences between mens and womens trainers (I am a bloke but the latter are so much cheaper). Having said that I will not make any saving as I am starting a Hal Higdon training program for the Berlin Marathon in September.



  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    cushioned & [over-]pronation are two different types of shoes.  Your cumulus is a cushioned shoe, whilst the 1160 is a structured shoe designed for the mild over-pronator (i.e the most common type of runner).

    The Kayano is Asic's structured equivalent of the Cumulus.

    Easiest thing to do is go to a running shop and get your gait analysed and then pick the shoe that suits your foot shape.

  • hi stutyr, yes I know. One is cushioned (under) and the other support (over). I once went to a running shop and they told me that I was not pronating....

    Might need to pay a visit to another shop....

  • If you supinate, the Vomero should be added to your list of options.

    Good deals to be had on the 6 & 7 right now as stores await the arrival of the 8.

  • Women's shoes are built on a different last - narrower heel in relation to the midfoot/forefoot.  Nobody here can recommend a shoe for you, as they aren't you.  They can suggest shoes to try, but only you will know whether they are a good fit or not when you try them.

    I'd do what Stutyr says and go to a shop and see what they say.  The common brands for 'proper' running shoes are Brooks, New Balance, Saucony, Mizuno and Adidas (other shoes brands are available!).  Good luck.

  • None of these shoes is better or worse than the others.  They are all on the wall in the shop, because there is a person for who they are the ideal shoe. 

    As other people have said, you should start by getting a gait analysis, preferably from a shop that will let you bring the shoes back if they don't work. 

    When I did gait analysis, I tried to avoid putting men in women's shoes if I humanly could, because they are designed around the foot landing at a slightly different angle. 

  • spitfire51 wrote (see)

    hi stutyr, yes I know. One is cushioned (under) and the other support (over). I once went to a running shop and they told me that I was not pronating....

    Might need to pay a visit to another shop....

    That bit made no sense to me - I thought Stutyr was clear on this. 1160 has some support for mild pronators, but I tell you it has plenty of cushioning too. Not on the same level as Cumulus, which uses more expensive materials and more gel, but non the less it is a cushioned shoe.

    So if you need shoes to improve gait/pronation then for example Asics GT1000/2000 or even as much as Kayano. They provide varying degres of support (for pronation) and cushioning. Go to somewhere like sweatshop or an independent to get some advice

  • hi all,

    I have been to sweatshop and tried Asics Nimbus 14, Ghost 5, Nike Pegasus 29 and new balance.

    In the end the decision was between the Pegasus and the Ghost. I decided to take the Pegasus, really soft. 

    Have 30 days to try and if do not get on return and get the Ghost. 

    More expensive than online retailers, but well worth going there.

    Today 1st training day for Berlin

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