Running and weights and recovery days


Any advice in terms of my training please?

I'm a new runner, just completed the C25k and starting to build up to 10k.

I'm running every other day but on the alternative day I'm doing some weights.

Am I fine with that routine or would I be better offer combining both weights and running to the same exercise day and give my self a true day of recovery?

Many Thanks






  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    You should be fine keeping them on alternate days, as they stress your body in different ways - especially if your weights are primarily focussed on upper body strength (as is often the case).


  • I think it depends on how hard your running and weight training sessions are and what you are trying to achieve. In terms of over training if you feel tired all the time and lose weight too fast or start having sleep problems then you're doing too much.

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