Ashridge Half marathon

Hi there, I am new to this post and have just entered my first half marathon.

The race i am entering is the Ashridge Half Marathon set in the grounds of the Ashridge Estate in Hertfordshire,on the 16th June, this is the first time that this race has taken place and the money raised goes to the Ian Rennie hospice (they organise the Herts 10k race every year). I was surprised to read in the local paper a couple of days ago that only 30 people have signed up to take part, they still have vacancies. is anyone else taking part and should i feel apprehensive about entering such a small race as my first one?





    this wasn't well advertised ! its the same day as the london to brighton cycle ride , and i'm doing that , or would have run it 

    shame it hasn't attracted many people  - odd really 

  • It's a lovely area, but takes place only one week after the St Albans half.  Hope entries pick up.

  • I was looking to enter it but it will be my first one and I'll be about 2hrs 45.  If they don't have many entrants I don't think I will image 

  • It's the minimum sponsorship of £100 that has surely put people off. Other local events are regularly sold out. Like lots of runners I've already forked out large amounts in sponsoring friends for the spring marathon season, and have benefited from their generosity running the VLM myself, so I won't be running. Shame as it's for a good cause.

  • Hiya, I've signed up to do it - first one as well - pleased to see i'm not the only one who's a little worried about numbers image ... thinking it will take me a little over 2 hours!

  • I decided to enter after all, so there'll be at least 2 of us there Jessica image

  •  That's great that takes it up to 3 of us!!!  It's my first half marathon as well and have been worried about the numbers to. I'll be the one bringing up the rear!! I have no idea what the course is like lets hope not to hilly!! 

    Someone has to be the pioneers/ trend setters for these new events. image

  • This will be my first too Lisa, so maybe you won't be at the back image


  • Hello, I know the area really well and just looked at the route map - I'm afraid it is quite undulating, but the upside is that you are surrounded by beautiful views to take your mind off the ups. And there are plenty of downs to compensate! So please don't be put off image

  • Undulating?  That's a deal breaker, have fun everyone else image

  • Don't be put off Sue! No killer hills .....and don't forget your first is always a PB.

  • Oh ok Susan, just as long as there isn't a big hill within the first couple of miles before I've warmed up or I'll have to walk up it.  The one at the start of the Waddesdon Manor Race for Life 5K nearly kills me every time, it's too early on in the race.  I do like the idea of it being my PB though image

  • Oh no hills. Not my best friend oh well I suppose what goes up must eventually come down. I live on top of a hill and when ever I go out for a run its my nemesis especially as my 13 year old step son leaves me standing when he comes out with me. A part from all that I am looking forward to my first half marathon hope I achieve a PB would be a bonus


  • Well I did it and I survived.  How did you get on Lisa?  I wasn't last and despite not having run off road I still managed the time I was expecting, and as it was my first one it's a PB image

  • I managed to complete it and enjoyed the route likewise my first time doing off road and I enjoyed the run through the woods. I was happy with my time and also managed not to come last. That last hill in the final couple miles was a bit steep though but I managed to conquer it. image

     Well done 

  • Lovely place to run, but £117 is a just a tad on the steep side image 

  • Money raised does go to a good cause though and the hospice helped a friend of mine recover from cancer so happy to support them

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