Training schedules

Looking at the recommended training schedules most seem to have long runs, tempo runs etc etc but most recommend most of your running to be done below "race pace".

I tend to do my training - about 3 runs a week between 5k up to occasional half marahon distance - at race pace - in other words I run as fast as I think I can for that distance - I normally time myself and if I feel good push to see how fast I can go. I also play football a couple of times a week (once training one game).

My question is - should I be running slower in training - and why ? I've only been running since last year and only really properly since the Spring - in that time I have managed to get down from about 50 minutes to about 40 for 10k which I am satisfied with - but if there are ways of getting faster for less effort I want them!


  • hi, i have been running for 10 years,and have acheived 59min for 10 miles,76 mins for 1/2 marathon. i have tried running at race pace all my runs. this left me shattered and tired all the time.overtraining, which is what u do when running at fast pace all the time.impacts on your times, making them slower and slower.i have bought a heart rate monitor which when set correctly makes you run slower than you think u should, but it enables your body to recover in time for your fast paced times have got faster and i dont suffer the heartache of underacheiving in my races. hope this is of some use to u. good luck with your training.

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