Marlborough Downs Ultra

Hi all! 


Im running this event for the first time tomorrow and coming across from Bath. Does anybody happen to be coming over from this way, or down from Swindon that I could possibly share a lift with? It is proving quite hard to get there without a car...


Many thanks



  • Results are on the website. 

  • So.... I had 16 views on thisnpost when i checked before leaving very early by train on sat morning but nobody told me i was gong to be 24 hours too early...oh stupid fault and serves me right I guess.


    Great event when It did finally start ( ;


  • Oh dear - only saw this on Monday myself!  Could have offered a lift from the Frome area!  Think I spoke to you at the start, you run to Avebury and back on the Saturday?

    Good run by the way - a good 29 mins ahead of me!  Just missed the sub 5 hour - the climb up to the Ridgeway did it for me and left too much to do on the last section.

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