Eyam Half Marathon 2013

So a week to go before Eyam and I'm thinking it wasn't such as good an idea as I originally thought - training a bit light (20 miles/week max) with a little hill work.

Having only been to Eyam as a child I can't remember how steep it is and looking at the profile I found on t'internet doesn't help my confidence! image

Any ideas how a 1:45 HM at Grantham (that included 475 feet of climb between the 2 hills) a couple of months ago will translate?  I'm probably not far off the same level of fitness.  I managed a 2 hour 12.3 miles in training with about 1000 feet of ascent (if Garmin was correct) last week.


  • It is a bit hilly round there, but so what?  It'll be a bit harder than Grantham, your time will be a bit slower, but think of the 'satisfaction' when you finished.

    Gerronweit as they say round those parts.

  • It is tough. The first climb (mile2) is ok but the later one is a nightmare (miles 9-11?). Save what you can for it. It goes on forever.

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    i am in this again  just love this race  and the views when you get up the top    got Leeds tommorrow   and one for the Dairy next year  26/4/14   Huddersfield marathon returns   there is a thread on it

  • Seems like I'll aim for a slower pace than I thought then, I was quite fancying the level and downhill 6 miles or so...   cheers.

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    the downhill is fast  then what goes downhill  must come back upimage

  • I wonder if it is so steep that it may be quicker for a runner like me to walk up it rather than try to jog up it?

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    up to you   good race

  • Think I did something like 1.48, nearly 10 minutes slower than I`d done earlier on a flatter course earlier that year but I took it easy for the last mile TBH, and that`s a BIG downhill. I ran it all but some of the folk who were walking that massive climb (9-11) were not going much slower than me! So don`t worry if you do need a walk.

    The t-shirt you get at the end is a badge of honour though and other runners know that doing the race is an achievement. I remember noticing at the start that the runners look even more toned than the start of a `normal` HM with a fair few Fell runners, etc.

    I`m hoping to do Buxton at some point to compare it for toughness but I`m in no hurry to revisit Eyam!

  • Cool - sounds like I'm looking at somewhere just under 2 hours then... I was hoping sub 2 was a possibility.  Looking forward to it image

  • Let us know how you get on. Lovely setting for a race.

  • Just watch out for the later hill it's grinding. If it's any good if you can hammer the down hills and use the up hills to recover. It's a lovely race in some of the best countryside around. If needed the village at the end will have a bbq outside the pubs. There will be changing rooms and stuff in the school sometimes hard to notice it's there. ET go on you know you want to do buxton.image

  • Cakey! Long time no see!

    Yeah, I do want to do Buxton (to compare it to Eyam) but I need to fit it in with marathon training. I`ll think on. You race yesterday dude?

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    cake    i am doing both   and thats after Leeds yestaday   in 1h42  coming 780 out of 4517

  • compo nice one. ET raced but was down south at a tri and missed out on sheffield this year was it fun?

  • Yeah. Enjoyed it. Hillsboro start next year?

  • Eyam is fun. Harder than Buxton as well.

  • If I survive Eyam, I'll try Buxton next time.

  • One Pace Baz wrote (see)

    Eyam is fun. Harder than Buxton as well.

    Oh no it's notimage

    The Egyptian Toe wrote (see)

    Yeah. Enjoyed it. Hillsboro start next year?

    You never know it might start and end in the best football ground in the world?image

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    o   yes   it is    image

  • Daeve did you survive? Got chatting to some local lass's in the first couple of miles and discovered one of them had been in western park with cancer last year and decided that when they got better they where going to run the race. first ever race and did it. It's was well cool and them discovered that's why the t shirts this year where a breast cancer pink. Always a good and challenging race but was inspiring as well. image

  • As far as I can make out Eyam is ~1200ft ascent and Buxton is ~1400ft. It depends on distribution I guess as well. Did Buxton a few years ago and the really big climb is at the start.


    Also thanks to the marhsalls at the start. I was a few mins late and they helped me get my number on. I got to Grindleford station at 9:30 and thought I had ages but IMO Eyam's quite confusingly sign-posted and ended up walking (running) the much longer HGV route to get there (4.5 miles).

    I did Keswick a few weeks ago, which looked as if there was more climb but I found them about the same (though I think I was more tired when I started Eyam due to trouble getting there). All 3 are very good races.

  • Kevin next time if you fancy doing the race you might be better off getting the buxton bus and it will stop right at the bottom of the turning from the HGV route It's not a great service through. If anyone enjoyed the hills there is a fell race on tonight at 7.30 here http://www.totleyac.org.uk/2013Series/totleymoor.htm


  • I might do Dronfield FC 10k on Friday, Cake! Hilly and low-key to the extent that I was 12th last year!

  • image So low key I have never heard of it. What time is kick off I might join you.

  • Cake wrote (see)

    image So low key I have never heard of it. What time is kick off I might join you.


    Really nice run. I`m not definite but trying to squeeze it in. Not sure I can do this and Buxton.

  • Cheers if you want a good time I wouldn't do it but if you want a good time buxton is the wrong race to go to. image

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