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I have the sad habit of grazing on anything sweet within my sight. Chocolate biscuits, chocolate bars, cakes, ice cream, you name it. I am finding it really hard to resist. I blame my husband and my colleagues who buy these things and leave them out. I even make these things...

But I am trying to cut down. With more or less success. Mostly less.

How are you trying to curb your sugar cravings?

Has cutting down on sweets or completely leaving them out of your diet boosted your running potential in any ways?

Here is your space to share your success stories, shocking stories or your struggles. image


  • I cut out all processed sugar once.  It was difficult for the first week but then I found I no longer craved it.  I didn't eat much junk, but my body was obviously slightly addicted to it and when I broke the habit the cravings went away

  • quitting the snacks was by FAR more difficult when I had to lose weight a few years ago, than quitting smoking.

  • SuperCaz - I would like to do this. Can you give me some examples of the things that you cut out please?


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    Hi Timi, I know how you feel. I never smoked and can give up drinking but chocolate... And sweets.. Not a chance. I bought chocolate covered protein bars to have at lest a little benefit when I crave chocolate. Also trying to eat berries when I want a snack trying to reduce the chocolate. Another thing I do is not buying the thing I really love too often as when I have got them they don't last long... Normally less than 24h
  • Solerunner, I basically tried to cut out anything processed and to make things from scratch where possible so that I knew what was in them.  I gave up chocolate, cake, biscuits which are all obvious sources of sugar, but I also looked at packaging and changed my breakfast cereal and yoghurts.

    I was never a big fan of processed foods to begin with but you might also want to check the ingredients on any ready meals, pizzas, fruit juices, squashes, jars of sauce, ketchup etc that you buy.  Processed sugar is in a lot of things

    I replaced sugary snacks with dried fruit, nuts and things like Nak'd and 9 bars.  You can make your own versions of these easily enough and save money

  • In the two months for before Christmas last year I avoided all sweet food, I didn't cut out sugar completely as I ate bread. (I don't eat much processed food)   The first 2 weeks cold turkey were hard, I was getting a lot of chocolate cravings but then it settled down. It didn't make any difference to my running or the way I felt but I did drop a couple of pounds. The big difference was to my skin, the texture on my arms improved a lot, no idea why that should be. I've just re-started the sugar fast, work is the worst place for me, my office is full of cake-makers and I find it really hard not to stuff my face.

  • I felt great on a low sugar diet.  My energy levels improved, my concentration improved, my skin seemed to glow and I was generally a lot more positive about everything.

    I'm finding it hard now as I've had to go gluten free, which means low carb unless I can find some easy ways of replacing the wheat products.  Initially I reached for GF cakes and biscuits but I'm trying to ditch that trend

  • TimeaJTimeaJ ✭✭✭

    Thanks for those who have shared so far! 

    I am going to ask my hubby to hide the sweets in his office in a tin. This way I am less likely to fall into temptation. Interestingly, I hardly ever buy these things, the struggle comes when they are so easily available at home, at work etc.

    I have also thought about finding a picture of an athlete I would like to look like to motivate myself to eat healthy. Or I could do the opposite - find a picture of someone who got too fat to demotivate myself from grazing. At the end of the day, there is no use training hard if I spoil all the hard work in the end with sugary junk!

  • Hmmm well I don't eat much processed food at all, just the odd pizza every so often. It's really just the sweets and chocolate then I guess image ahhh I will try but I am definitely addicted! I am not overweight or anything but I think I would definitely benefit by cutting out some junk food!


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