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This is my first thread so here goes. I am 22yrs old and raced my first 10k in January at a time of 45min 43sec which I am happy about for my first ever 10k race, especially as this was done on no serious training just easy runs of 4-5miles and an occasional longer run of 7miles. However I really want to get sub-40min and have downloaded and customised a 10k training programme form the runnersworld website and am hoping I can decrease my 10k time with some proper training. Got a hard session tomorrow so will see how that goes image


  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    well what i've learnt the last few weeks is to make sure you limit the hard sessions and hit the right speed levels and keep your other runs easy and conversational. The mistake i have been making was making my easy/long/recovery runs too fast, and my quality runs not fast enough so i was just doing a weekly series of almost identical runs.

    Good luck.

  • If you don't quite do it next time then it shouldn't take too long.  It took me about eight months from my first 10k in 45min (off about 2months of 10-15mpw) to 40min (averaging about 20-30 mpw).

    As DT19 says do your fast sessions fast and your easy sessions easy.

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