sides of feet sore, shoes not wide enough?

Hi everyone

I'm wondering if anyone has any similar problems. I started running outside after months on the treadmill. The New Balance shoes that I got 'fitted' at Athlete's Foot (I'm in NZ, unsure if you have them in the UK?) started to hurt the sides of my feet.

They measured me a D width at the time of purchase and when I went back to them after 4 months, turns out the shoe they gave me is a B. Now if I want to swap them I have to pay the difference, although the lady in there told me it would be due to the width - the Manager is now saying this may not be the reason. Anyone had this issue before?


  • Are they comfy or tight? I have flat wide feet and I run with new balence 2e 


  • Your story sounds familiar. I'm a D+ width, and was told that in the specialist running shop even though I already knew it, was sold a pair of Brooks 'as they come in different width fittings' then later on found out they were actually just a B. The women's ones are all B width, the men's ones are all D width. Bah!

    As for your foot pain, it might or might not be related to the width of the shoes. Perhaps not, as I can comfortably run in B width shoes of various brands even though I'd prefer them to be a bit wider.

  • Thanks for your replied. 

    They are quite comfy when I have them on and walk in them and stuff, they don't feel tight at all. I figure running though, and on the road, then puts a different pressure on the foot. Previous to these I had D width Asic GT-2170's and didn't have this problem. 

    The lady in the shop, before she realised that they had sold me a B, was trying to sell me all this others with all this other new technology at the sides. Saw they were a B and said that would more than likely be the issue. I definitely won't be heading back to Athlete's Foot! And I can't afford to buy another pair at the moment so have to run with it! (shoes are really expensive here ...

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