Excessive calf fatigue


I have only been running (well run/walk programme) for about 11 weeks. I usually start with a 5 min brisk walk, and various stretches at beginning and same at end.

However, within even 5 mins, my calves get very uncomfortable- best way to describe it is cramp/fatigue.  This happens almost every session! It is not just unfitness, although that may be a part of it.

I am overweight, and being honest, I am still improving my diet so to speak. But this discomfort is stopping me from following my Jogscotland programme exactly as expected every day.

I do one or two sessions a week on the treadmill or on a trail, and one on tarmac.

I really want to get rid of this issue, so helpful suggestions woud mean a lot. Am I not drinking enough? Nutritionally, what should I focus on before a run and when?

Lots of questions, and hope someone can help!


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    could be you need more water onboard, it could be you just need to run slower in the run parts. But realistically if it's only 5 minutes and it's every time, then that seems unlikely?

    If your calf muscles need some extra training to build them up YouTube is good for finding free exercise routines.

    how about your trainers have you had your gait analysed to check if you are wearing suitable trainers, you can do a wet foot test that gives you an idea of what type of trainer would be suitable if you haven't. 

    You say you have discomfort is it just that, if it's not a sharp pain. is it possible it's just an ache because your muscles are working? If so then all you can do is put up with it until you get fitter.

    Speed is another possible culprit SLOW DOWN. I started out just over a year ago. I think I could walk quicker then my run, but I read that just jogging no matter how slow is the way to gspans it works, try going slower and see how that goes?

    Realistically in 5 minutes of exercise you are burning 30 to 40 calories if that ... So it's not that likely that you don't have enough liquid or food in your body to do that without getting cramp.  which is why I say about calf exercises / looking at trainers / or just fighting through it... That's less than 1 Jaffa cakes worth of energy.

    i could be totally wrongimage

  • Thanks for your reply Booktrunk! I think I definately need to drink more, and maybe do some massage after.

    I had my gait analysed about 10 weeks ago, and got new trainers as I overpronated.

    Not sure I can go much slower, like you said my walking speed is not much slower than my run right now! lol

    I think RICE may be a good idea, and some more quad exercises, see if that helps.

    Thanks again!

  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭

    Good luck, and keep us updated image

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