Saturday 11th May 2013


Todays lyrics:She walks like she don't care.

Yesterdays lyrics: UB40 with 'Many rivers to cross'.

Wet one up here. Dreich with lots of smiry rain

What:4 easy miles.

Why:Legs heavy

Coffee calling

Have a good one.

Catch up and back later.


  • 50 miles on the bike planned - but unlike blisters that's enough for me!! Might run 2 or 3 miles after - they call it a brick

    Weather looks dodge

  • Morning.

    Thanks for all the thread starting birks. I should have known yesterday's lyric. Dry here at the moment but quite windy and rain forecast for later.

    Go for it donaldo.

    Hope you get good weather for your ride Blisters. How many weeks until your IM?

    Have a safe and stress free journey and a great week at CW OH.

    Any races planned NZC?

    When do you start the new job Pammie?

    What:               LSR
    Why:                don't want to lose that hard earned endurance
    Last hard:        21/4
    Last rest:         27/4

    Lyrics - I think I do.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Morning all, and well done Pammie on the new job. I hope that the people you work with and work for will make it a pleasant experience.

    Like LMH, I should have got yesterday's lyrics, I was thinking that they sounded like Jimi Hendrix. Today's? Now they do sound very familiar. (Google: right, this band must go on my LP purchase list, I missed out at the time).

    LMH: I have absolutely no idea how many weeks; it's the start of September. I'm not following a written plan, probably because that would frighten me. But I get the feeling that 80 and 100 mile bike rides are the A+ target.

    The sun is out, it looks grand through the curtains, but showers are forecast and the wind and 10 degree temp mean that I'm dressed for winter. Let's go outside and have some fun!

    (edit: NZC, lovely to keep hearing from you, being the last post of the day means people don't often respond, sorry)

  • Morning LMH: No probs re starting thread.

    Blister: My mum worked in John Menzies back when todays band were in charts so got me a few of this bands records and LPs. 

    That's big black round thing with a small hole in middle for younger viewers.image

  • DonaldoDonaldo ✭✭✭

    birkmyre - was trying to explain the phrase 'smirry rain' to some of my students yesterday, many of whom had never heard it before.  Quite a coincidence that you used it the very next day as it's not a word I hear a lot these days.

    Lyrics - yes! image

    Nice day for it at the moment, cool with a light breeze - lets hope the same conditions stick around till about half 2!!

  • late start donaldo ...image smirry rain here too
    Go for it ...

    What: just a quick swim
    Why: ferry at 14:45
    Last Hard: Monday 28th
    Last rest: yesterday
    Lyrics: image

    Cross the firth after lunch then trundle along the north coast to Durness. Kayaking and swimming stuff packed too optimistically as always (last year we arrived to a measured 50kts wind - measured - on Balnakeil beach

  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭

    morning all, 
    smirry rain? not heard of that before!!
    what - 19 miles done while youngest was swim training, easyish in 2h40.
    Had the whole array of weathers: driving rain, hail, bright sunshine, strong winds, bit more rain, clear skies, sunshine, clouds and then more rain.
    why - marathon in 7 weeks
    last rest - 2 weeks
    last hard - today

  • donaldo: re'Smiry Rain'  Its a West of Scotland expression isn't it ? Still got 'smiry rain' on here on as I write this.

  • dustin: 'Smiry Rain'  means' Light Rain'

  • alehousealehouse ✭✭✭

    Smiry rain here, too. Or worse.

    Lyrics: no

    Another good long run bagged there, Dustin.

    What: the plan was to go into the countryside and do a longish walk/run in the sunshine. But as there is no sunshine that plan may change
    Why: Want some time on my feet.

    Think positive thoughts, banish negative ideas and visualize your success
  • Just got home from my run before the rain started though it was quite blowy out - though not in an Orkney kind of way image Really pleased with the way my legs are coming back to me post-VLM especially in light of the large increase in cycle volume. 14 miles run at pretty much pre-VLM LSR pace.

    Blisters - given that you are in a similar situation to me (having just run a marathon) and only a couple of weeks ahead, if that (my race is the 14th September) I guess we should more or less be doing the same kind of thing and for me that's definitely bike volume. I would only usually have been doing rides of around four hours at this stage anyway and building to regular five hour/80 mile rides with a few longer ones (coach doesn't think they're necessary but I feel better if I've done a couple of 100 milers) but am a little behind hence the back to back slightly shorter rides (3 hours/2 hours as a minimum) at the moment. Mark and I are on holiday in Weymouth  in a couple of weeks and weather permitting I'll be putting in a big bike week then.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • After what I said earlier I went and done 55 miles - new "wind dodging" route. Wind was across/ against me for 30 miles - wasn't too bad as never "right into it" for too long. then 20 miles at speed followed by 5 miles middling. 2 mile run to finish. Afternoon and evening is booked for a social event so its time to misbehave!!

    LMH - my head couldn't contemplate doing an IM without some 100 milers - whether that's right or not I don't know.





  • Paddy: Well done on the 55 miles..

  • 80 miles biked out, my furthest yet. I was having bum-suffering moments around 35 miles out and negative thoughts. By the time that 50 was up I felt much better. Instead of going straight home after splitting with the small group (3) I did another 20 miles. That's when I got wet. It wasn't smirry. It was at 3" centres.

  • Me neither Paddy.

    Good riding Blisters - was the low point possibly related to fuelling?

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • LMH, I don't think so. I was munching fig rolls from early on, and had a couple of Tesco peanut crunch bars, which were great. Two bottles of squash. No dehydration. I think it was just saddle pressures, combined with the out lap being too quick. One man's steady ride is another man's hard one. (Pardon?).

  • Blisters: Thats also good cycling by your good self.

  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭


    Thanks all re job

    LMH I start Monday

    Blisters - I have a fantastic team (of 2, that includes me) been working with the other lady so we work well together image

    Bonus with new shift pattern "should" be able to train with some regular pattern

    Birks I remember John Menzies and those black round things

    What:4.49 miles run walk
    Why: Because i'm a mad
    Last Hard: Getting out the door  but if the Tit's and moonwalkers can do it  I can do a short run
    Lyrics they were familiar I googled and could hit myself

  • DonaldoDonaldo ✭✭✭

    Loch Leven Half Marathon

    Half way to the race I realised I had forgotten my Garmin - I've been so used to it helping me with my pace that it was quite daunting thinking about running without it!  Still, they used to not exist when I was a younger runner so maybe it's something I should do more often! 

    Right, the wind had gotten stronger as the day progressed and was going to be a factor in the race. The gun went, after the pipe band had stopped playing!  I started way too fast.... I knew it at the time but just went with it...after the first 3 miles I was passed by a steady stream of better-paced runners but by mile 5, I was holding my position again.  Wind was helpful from about mile 3 to mile 6 but then was from the side for a few miles and then *bang* right in our faces for the last 5 miles and I have to admit to really struggling between miles 8 and 11.  I only lost one place though so I kept telling myself everyone else was feeling as bad as me.  At mile 11, I decided to 'man-up' and work hard again so I just got my head down and got on with it, pulling in a couple of places while also being chased down by others.  With 400 yards left, I was passed by 3 runners... no way was that happening so I paused behind them and bulleted past them down the home straight, much to the excitement of my wife!!  Just before the line I saw the clock  - 1:28:23 - so I punched the air in happiness as my name was announced!  lol image I'm sure people must have thought I was a right muppet, but I was pretty pleased, especially in the conditions.

    And now, it's taper time.  Two weeks of taking it easy - looking forward to it!!! image

  • alehousealehouse ✭✭✭

    Well done Don! Great report as well.

    What: walked/ran 3k but only 10 minutes of it was run

    Why: feeling rough again

    Think positive thoughts, banish negative ideas and visualize your success
  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭

    donaldo certainly  no muppet I've got a big grin on my face  superb race and a great result love the fact that you weren't going to take being passed.

    Racing without a Garmin should be  done  now and then. Love it

  • Great report in tough conditions Donaldo, and I gather that you are somewhat satisfied with the time image

    Alehouse: you got out there and gave it a good go.

    Birks 55 on the bike for you too? Not bad me old cocker.

  • Well done donaldo.

    Great that you know and like your new team mate Pammie. You'll be on more regular hours now then? That should help with the running if you can get into a routine.

    What's the plan for tomorrow Blisters?

    OH reports via email that he can read the forums but no longer post from his phone - so we may not hear much from him this week, depends on whether he can find wifi in the wilds.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • DonaldoDonaldo ✭✭✭

    Thanks folks, the last time I ran a faster half was in 2006 so it's good to be on the right road again! image

    Well done getting out alehouse.  Glad to have raised a smile Pam image

    Hi OH if you are reading this, hope your week has started well!

  • donaldo with a time like that you should be in the land of GFA well done.

    What work only
    Why Saturdays are non run days
    Lyrics no

    Nothing planned for tomorrow so will se what the weathers like and what time I wake up.

  • NZChristineNZChristine ✭✭✭

    donaldo - great running - good on you!

    alehouse - hope things start looking a bit brighter soon. You're still getting out there - good stuff.

    What: 14km with Saturday mornining group.

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