Half marathon training plans

I am just getting back into running again after a long lay off and am up to 4 miles at the moment

I am setting myself a target of a 1.50 half in March 2014. I am looking for a 16 week plan that I can use when the time is right but I need a plan for the time I want to achieve. I would like to see this now so I can build up in preparation for the schedule (ie get up to speed and know how many miles a week etc will be on the plan) and I know whats required. For example a plan that will state 10 miles in 1hr 20mins etc etc

I have looked here at smart coach but it asks what time I can do a race now but it doesn't ask what my goal is

Years back RW put schedules in RW at Marathon training time that were goal specific.

Any ideas ?


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