What do I do now?

Hi everyone! just looking for a wee bit of inspiration and advice. I just finished training for an 24km trail race here in NZ which I comppleted last week. I trained much harder for this than I have most other races I've done, well just more focussed I suppose, and did pretty well (top15). It is coming into Winter now and I live in a place which is going to get very snowy soon. I need some advide of what to do now basically!

I want to increase distance as I want to start upping mileage for a marathon . As I am travelling, it is hard to say when I will do this marathon but eventually in the next couple years. I have gotten to 18 miles so far. But perhaps more importantly I really want to increase strength in my legs as well as speed.

What kind of training should I be looking at? What kind of hill sessions? How many speed sessions? Only one long run? etc etc.

I used to do short intervals but I want to start doing longer ones but don't know how long.... ahhhh so many questions, sorry!

Any help is much appreciated image

Thanks all image

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