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ive just started running (well jogging so far) as I've signed up for the great north run, I've got they're app and am following the training plan but for sessions such as 1 min run, 1 min walk unless I'm holding my phone looking at the time I don't know when 1 min is up, is there another timing app I could use that beeps or something after the set time so I know when to change speeds??




  • I'm using runkeeper on myphone and tghe training plans tell you when to change pace/intervals etc.  

  • do you think I could still have the great run app running too? it's just that it's got my last two weeks worth of data on it, or is it worth switching??

  • I thiink you could probably run both and then do a comparison. I've been doing that today with phone app and new garmin GPS tracker. I like Runkeepers notifications, I have it set up to talk to me every minute with time, distance and pace, plus it tells me when to change running pattern based on my exercise. you can either use one of the pre-set training plans or create your own outing.  Try it a few times and if you decide to switch you can still add your previous runs to Runkeeper manually to keep all your information in one place

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    How about go to the NHS website and download the podcasts.


    they tell you when to run and when to walk. Solves the problem completely. 

  • I'll have a look at NHS and will try both apps in the meantime! thank you

  • I believe on the Nike+ app you can change when you get notifications, i.e 1 mile, 1 minute etc.

    If I remember correctly, the Adidas MiCoach app also does this.

  • Endomondo is good for tracking runs, pace etc.  Not sure if you can program intervals into it, but you can certainly set times and compete against previous runs.

  • On iPhone, there's an app Simple Interval Timer. Does what it says on the tin. I've used it alongside a tracking app (Endomondo in my case).

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