Looking for a sports nutritionist in Sheffield and/or Birmingham

Does anyone have any recommendations? I managed to put on some weight while marathon training, got a nice time that I'm happy about, not so happy about the extra weight...and as I am planning for an autumn marathon, need to get a grip on my nutrtition sooner rather than later. I am looking for someone based either in Sheffield or in Birmingham (where I live during the weekend, long storyimage


  • Sarah the Bookworm lives in Sheffield and is a fully qualified nutritionist.  Drop her a PM, although I beleive she is away this weekend so might not get back to you until Monday.

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    +1 for Sarah the bookworm.

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    Bookworm shes ace 

  • Yep, another vote for Sarah the Bookworm image

  • Anna! I'm pleased you've posted - the private messaging function hasn't been working, so I've not been able to contact you. If you could email me at /forum/smilies/confused_smiley.gifarahmartinrd@gmail.com]sarahmartinrd@gmail.com then I'm happy to see you. Thanks image

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    You might want to repost the email address As it looks a bit weird!

  • image



    I hope that works!

  • Nope, it'll have to wait until I get home! 

  • Well, posting email addresses doesn't see to work from either a phone or from a computer. So...

    sarahmartinrd @ gmail.com 

    Without the spaces of course image 

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    Doesnt like chrome this site does it

  • Ta GB image

    It didn't occur to me that the browser was the problem! Not that I have Chrome on my phone... 

  • Hi Sarah,

    it's not just Chrome that;s the problem - this is what happens when I tried emailing you:

    Technical details of temporary failure:
    DNS Error: DNS server returned general failure

    any ideas?

  • anyway I can be contacted at aniakg1978gmailcom image

  • aniakg1978 (at) gmailcom

  • You gotta love this website image

    I'll email you image

  • I could do with some nutrition advice too,   I run ultra marathons and get very bad flu like symptoms after,   Is it ok that I email you?

  • Hi Sarah, got your email - sent you a reply - let's see if this 21st century technology is up to any good...

  • My email does not seem to send any at the moment so mine is


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