Bath Half Marathon

For those who were thinking of entering the Bath Half Marathon, I've just checked the web site to find out why my cheque hadn't been cashed yet, and the heading is 'BATH HALF ENTRIES SOLD OUT IN JUST 4 WEEKS !'. See for further details.


  • Multisport it also says they are not processing entries until this week. I am living in hope that my cheque has not been cashed as it is waiting in the first 5000 pile to be opened.
  • It's ridiculous. Last year I sent my entry form in and the next week I read on the web site that the entries had closed. I had just missed the cut off date.
    This year...I just sent my entry form in this morning, only to find this afternoon that they are full up. Darned if I'll bother trying again next year.

    Any other half marathons on 16 March in the South?
  • I hope I made it before the cut-off. I printed out the entryform and sent it off the same morning it was made available on-line. It will be my first half and I am really looking forward to it.
    Has anyone done it previous years? (I went for that one 'cause it's meant to be flat. It that right?)

  • Does any one know anything about golden bond places for the Bath Half? I was very much looking forward to trying this one but didn't realise places were so sought after.
  • My cheque was cashed around 1st October, I sent the form in the first day it was publically available online. It'll be my first and I was keen to do it because it's flat (hurrah!) and close to home but there's been some discussions on the forum that suggest that it's but no means the best. So if you haven't made the cut, perhaps it's no bad thing.
  • Josie, if you go into the website, they have info about the golden bond places. Good luck

  • If I get in its my first half too, Catrine.
  • I hope you get in, keswick.
    Good luck.
  • Linca, there is a half in Fleet on 16 March 2003

    There is also a thread in the Flora London Marathon bit of the forum about half marathons in Jan/Feb which mentions some other ones in March (Hastings?)
  • Thanks Trickle -- Fleet is even closer and more convenient for me then Bath. I have also considered Hastings but maybe will save that one for another year.
  • Don't worry too much about Bath the course is not that spectacular anyway, the race director is the same guy as Windsor (cram them in, fire the gun, let them get on with it, wheres the water?) and its by no means the best value Half in the south west. Try Plymouth in May, now that was a good value event/race.
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