1st Marathon

Hi guys

I have entered my first marathon in September and start my training plan next week. What I wanted to know is if I have races during that time, do they count torwards the mileage and how should I run them ( could I injure myself racing too much torwards a marathon )? Usually with any race I go full pelt as PB's are my buzz at the end of a race. Below is probable races before the big 26.2.

Week 1 - 5k

Week 3 - 10k

Week 4 - 5 mile

Week 6 - 10k

Week 9 - Half

Week 16 - The Big One!

Thanks in advance! image

PS - Since my last post my PB's are now 19:01 5k, 40:17 10k, 1:08:07 10 mile and 1:29:39 Half! image


  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    In principle I think intermittent races leaading up to the big one are a good idea. They test your fitness, gauge progress and keep things fresh.  And they're fun.  Looking at the specific schedule, three races in four weeks is quite a lot.  No a complete no-no, but considering you're building up mileage with the main goal in mind, you'll want to keep an eye on recovery, and niggles, etc. and be prepared to drop the odd race, or maybe think about pacing strategy, e.g. run the 5 miler as a hard tempo effort.

    I certainly think you can give it full beans on the HM, as this will give you a good guide to possible marathon pace, plus a big PB at that time would be great for confidence.

  • As a prolific racer (75 in last 15 months-without injury(touch wood))who ran my first marathon last October my advice would be race as much as you want but listen to your body & don't think you can pb each race if your using races as training runs then some should be easy, I did lots of m/t & cross-country races upto 20 miles as my prep & worked a treat. I have since ran a trail marathon & am doing Edinburgh as my third at the end of this month. Good Luck!

  • Oh but whatever you do make sure you taper right & get your diet spot on in the last 3 weeks.


  • Phil - Maybe scrap the 5k and second 10k? The day of my 5k I'm scheduled for a 5 mile tempo, but thought a full pelt parkrun, although faster pace, would not be too much of an issue as it's less miles? Annoyed I booked the 5 mile now but was curious as I've never done one before. Looking back, there is definately a balance issue with 4 races in the fast half of the programme and only 1 in the second!

    Richard -First up, that is a hell of a lot of races! image Regarding races, I don't understand why people would use races for anything other than get your best time? Why not just use a training run if you don't want to go top speed? As for tapering, I'm not nervous about getting the mile reduction right, more eating enough before the big day. For an already skinny bloke, my weight keeps coming off and I'm worried that although I will be fit for the day, I might not have enough fuel in the tank!

    Thanks again guys!

  • I race as training runs because I find it much more enjoyable & easier to motivate myself for than training on my own! Each to their own but it works for me though I know not everyone!

  • Hallam BlueHallam Blue ✭✭✭

    I personally would try and find a half 3 or 4 weeks before your marathon as a tune up race, and a guide to what your marathon pace should be. 7 weeks before is a bit too much of a gap: things could change in that time.

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