Ascics GT-2130

Hi I am struggling to get hold of a new pair of Asics 2130s. Can anyone recommend an alternative, I don't believe the latest in the series are much like the 2130.


  • While it's evolved over time, the GT2000 is essentially positioned as the same shoe as older models, being the second tier up in Asics support range. Have you tried on GT2000s before writing them off?

  • I  haven't tried the 2000, is that supposed to be an updated version of the 2130?

  • Yes GT2000 is the all new name for 2xxx shoes.

    I currently wear 1160s and 1170s - now repaced with GT1000

    They have been busy in that marketing dept to confuse us image

  • Thankyou

  • Was an Asics GT girl for years, recently switched to Saucony Guide 5 and they are great. I have orthotics in them for my flat as pancake feet and I find them to be great you can usually find them for around £50, so cheaper than asics but I do find I have to replace them a little sooner than I would the asics, but as they're cheaper not so much an issue 

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