Ultramarathon seminar

we at www.team-hope.co.uk have been making plans to hold our own ultramarathon/MDS seminar. This is for those that fancy there hand at ultra marathon races. we have an addition to the seminar for those that will be looking to also enter the marathon des sables in the future. The date has had to be put back only slightly to the 6th July. Well the speakers are confirmed.....drum roll.... These 3 individuals i'm about to mention have very kindly offered there services to help raise money for our charity by agreeing to put together what we consider will be not only great value for money but also give the best advice an experience we could possible imagine. Rory Coleman, needs no introduction...the man the legend image   Mark Kleanthous, 30+ ironman finishes, 2 double ironmans,1 triple iroman and 70 plus marathons. He has been a proffessional coach for 15 years with a wealth of knowledge to offer.   Mark Hines an exercise physiologist and biochemist who competes in the toughest ultra-endurance races in the world. He has raced in rainforests, across deserts, over mountains, and in the sub-zero arctic and antarctic.    Elisabet Frankenberg an accomplished ultrarunner and MDS veteran, she is co owner of runningmatters.com which offer sports therapy, injury prevention and coaching. She will also be focusing on the specific requirements of female runners and competitors.   The event will be held at the West Midlands Fire Service HQ in Aston, Birmingham. The provisional timings will be from 12pm-5pm ish. There will also be kit for you to ckeck out and test. Cost of the seminar will be £25 pre-order or £30 on the day, all of which will go to our chartity cause. More details will be advertised in the weeks to come. can i ask you contact me if you would like to attend at /forum/smilies/tongue_out_smiley.gifeter.drummond@wmfs.net ]peter.drummond@wmfs.net   please also check out our website at www.team-hope.co.uk for more details of our efforts.   hope to hear from you soon   pete




  • you can't be doing very well selling places if you have to start 4 different threads to advertise it.

     if you want to advertise your services in a few weeks next time maybe contact the RW team and sort out some advertising instead of spamming numerous threads

  • Sorry, we have only just got this together on Friday. didn't want to miss anyone out. Apologize if it seems I was spamming, it wasn't my intention. I'll contact the RW team tonight.  Cheers

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