BTA membership

Do you need to be a member of a club?

or you can join as a single member?



  • No you don't need to be a member of a club but you will have to pay slightly more if you're not. An extra £8pa I think.
  • I'm an indipendant member :o)
  • Jose.Jose. ✭✭✭
    extra £8 but you don't pay the club membership, so, cheaper i guess.

    i think i'll join W.Will's club
  • Not necessarily.

    As a club member you may be entitled to discounts from the club sponsors. Probably, only applies if you join one of the bigger clubs.

    A 10% discount in the local bike shop in worth having, even if you are uninterested in the club otherwise.

    Where are you based?
  • Jose.Jose. ✭✭✭
    sw london
  • Well if you join Thames Turbo as an associate member (£50) you get 10% off in Sigma Sports (Kingston). So you don't need to spend a lot over the year to get your money back.

    I've just joined, but only because I was buying a new bike and so it made sense financially. I'm a member of a club nearer home and so have no intention of actually doing anything with the membership other than using it for the purpose of the discount at Sigma.

    If you not been to Sigma - go. Highly recommended.

    You are also entitled to discounts elsewhere - see their website.

    The membership package is more expensive if you want to go to the coached training sessions. Not sure if this is something you are interested in.
  • unless you are going to do more than say, six races in a year then its a waste of time. You pay a day licence fee to do a race
    so you have to do a certain number of races before you break even so to speak. Unless you want a really boring magazine with nothing useful in it a few times a year and a car sticker.
  • BTA Cycle Insurance
    BTA Travel Insurance – Exclusive to Members & Families
    British Triathlon – Sale of National Team Bikes
    Members Roadside Assistance
    15% Discount on ORCA Elite Range
    Save 10% off accommodation at Travelodge
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  • and somtimes it about the sport not the indervidual
  • so you haven't got cycle insurance anyway
    or travel insurance
    or breakdown cover
    punt around and you will beat any wetsuit discounts anyway
    if sunglasses are so dear they have to offer 20 quid off then they're too dear to start with
    and do you really want a national team bike
    travelodge? got me there but you can't have everything I suppose
    The BTA probably make more from day liscenses than memberships anyway and its not as if they do much for the sport(unless you are an elite doing olympic distance)
    There you go WW is that miserable enough?
  • Handbags at dawn then you guys
  • car sticker?!! i was had!
  • if you ask them nicely they give you as mant stickers as you want. I have about five as a sun visor in my van. they are quite good.
  • Is it a white van ?

  • emer - one day andy and myself will agree on something and everyone will be in shock ;o)
  • And yet you admire him so much you take his name!?!?


  • eh - hows that happened - i think somethinbg is broken
  • Ooo - good, back to my own name
  • damn for a second there i though i had got better looking
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