Subtrochanteric fracture


This is only the second or third time I've posted anything here, and funnily enough, it's all related! 14 weeks ago, I was running and towards the end, my right hip became really painful, completely out of the blue.  I did the usual, icing and stayed off running for a couple of days! Went back running, pain was constant any time I planted my foot.  Driving was painful when I went for accelerator or break. Sitting became uncomfortable, lying on my right side a nightmare. Kept on running, but knew things weren't great. Walking with limp, continual pain. Went to doc, they thought muscular, but I queried stress fracture as pain was so bad especially when hopping! Sent me away with anti- inflamatories! Got a call back later, to say go for X-ray, just in case! I did, nothing showed up, ortho doc said muscular. Made me feel like I was stupid! Pain continued, returned to Doc, he became more concerned, as this isn't like me to complain! Sent me for crutches ( this now 5 weeks after initial injury) and referrers me for MRI.  2 weeks later, went to consultant in Derry, he checked range of movement strength and balance, then said ok I'll put on list for MRI. After a further 2 weeks, I came off crutches and began to walk more. At 10 weeks, I put in the odd short run, Not totally pain free, but not the same ache in the bone and no pain on hopping. From 12 weeks was managing longer runs but feeling pain on outside of hip and something like a groin strain. Finally, after 7 weeks from my appt with consultant, I went for my MRI. During the fluoroscopy when dye was being injected into hip joint -ouch- I saw a very clear fracture line on the femur, below the head - it was at the subtrochanteric area of the femur. Had the scan, and will now await results. Hip still feels uncomfortable and wierd from the injection. Needless to say, haven't run since this (was only on Friday 10th May). Will see how it feels tomorrow. Has anyone experienced this before???







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