Leicester's Big 10K 2013

Very well organised 10k today, everything was perfect apart from no medal this year, very disappointing for me. Nice though to get a ladies fit T shirt.


  • Hey Jill.  Couldn't agree more - Great course, nice runners, marshals were great and just a nice atmosphere about it.

    I was a bit disappointed with no medals too!

    So glad I went to do this.  My first race image

  • Martin HMartin H ✭✭✭

    They did say in the race pack that due to us getting a technical t-shirt there wouldn't be any medals.  If you got both the entry costs would have risen.

    Was a good race though and will do it again next year.


  • Well organised and marshalled race, bit later in the year than it was in 2012.

    Nice flat course just made for pb's (and the right distance this year).

    Nice technical t-shirt at the end of it (better than last years cotton one) and there was also a drinks bottle being handed out as well.

    Definitely one to enter every year if you get the chance

  • Enjoyed - though pulled calf after 6.5km when on for a pb!

    Fast course, well organised - would do again next year.  image


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