Leg pain issue

I've just run a 10k in the correct shoes etc but I've got home with a twinge in both legs. It's on the inner part of my lower leg, almost exactly between calf and shin. It's in exactly the same spot on both legs. Apologies for the vague description but I ain't no medic lol


  • Have a quick google for 'shin splints' or have a quick look down the rest of the Injury Forum ...  thats what my money is on image

  • Will do. Might just be the just back from running twinge. I'll monitor it and look lower in the forum. Cheers

  • SuperCazSuperCaz ✭✭✭

    I thought shin splits were further around the front of the shin???

    I tend to get pain/discomfort in this area too.  Its just general tightness although it can be very sore.  For me it is mainly tight hamstrings which pull on the soleus and achilles causing the pain where you describe.  I massage myself, do stretches regularly and get a sports massage when it gets bad.  You could try a foam roller but I find it a difficult place to the the roller into.  My thumbs tend to do a better job

  • MedicalertMedicalert ✭✭✭

    Shin splints is a generic term for around 30 conditions. I used to get that pain on my left leg and had to wear orthotics to get rid of it....

  • Tis true but it is quite a generic pain ...

    For a good calf massage sit withthe leg loosely folded infront of you, place a tennis ball under the calf and one on top of the muscle and use the top and bottom tennis ball in a circular motion to find any knots

  • I'll try massage too. Not as bad today as it was after my half last week

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