Its not a joke

Seriously - the nose thing ... is it normal to get really snotty on the bike? Cycling into the wind today it seemed to be a continual stream (no, I don't have a cold).

To those with more cycling experience than me ... so rarely do I manage to successfully send projectile snot zooming across the road ... do you ...

Finger and blow?
Finger and suck and swallow?
Snotty face and clean up afterwards?


  • Finger and blow, every time.

    That sounds so rude. image

  • Snot rocket, frequently. Right barrel is usually the first to go with a scattergun dispersal pattern, left barrel goes 5 mins later and is a proper mortar.


    Normal, yes.

  • I get it when I'm running too!! 

    Fing & blow usually. If I have a sleeve avaible it gets put to use!

  • I can't do snot rockets so finger and blow then wipe my fingers in my shorts and my nose in my armwarmer or gloves or even vest

  • Finger and blow - and the pirate buff is a nice soft wipe to clean afterwards. Such a glamorous sport.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • So only men have perfected the art, do you think?

  • Snot rockets, also useful to keep drafters at bay.

  • F.oggy wrote (see)

    Snot rockets, also useful to keep drafters at bay.

    Not just me thats ever aimed them at 180 degrees then?!

  • Squeeze nostril contents out into hand and despatch with a quick flick of the wrist.  Wipe hand on cycle shorts

  • I finger and blow and it usually ends up all over me I then try and wipe it off my face and shirt whilst veering into oncoming traffic.

  • Bloody phone not working properly. I finger and blow then use my glove to wipe it off my shoulder/arm/leg

  • I wonder if there's any training days / camps that cover this ... image  image

  • Britrisky wrote (see)

    I wonder if there's any training days / camps that cover this ... image  image

    GB can teach you how to pee whilst cycling. Peeing whilst running is a bit trickier. image

  • I have no idea what a GB is?
  • Sussex Runner (NLR) wrote (see)
    I have no idea what a GB is?

    There is a pirate who's forum name intials are GB

    Finger and blow, left hand side works a treat, but right hand side just dribbles down my shoulder

  • Thats because you are old sussex image


  • Never got the hang of projectile snotting, usually wipe with hand and then onto shorts or jacket.  

    What a lovely thread!

  • GB short for Golden Boots work it out image

  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭

    lick it with my tongue...

  • TOTP Sir    image

  • I can snot rocket while running, but I have only managed to get it all over my shoulder while cycling image 

    Currently sniffing a LOT, but I will practice more with the rockets.

  • The issue of snot rockets is a contentious one.  Some people find it disgusting, some (me included) consider it necessary: 

  • I do think it's disgusting, but it is also occasionally necessary image

    It think it's worse at this time of year - there's a lot of tree pollen in the air.

  • Wilkie wrote (see)

    I do think it's disgusting, but it is also occasionally necessary image

    Do you not find slightly satisfying though, in the same way that sneezing, scratching an itch or clearing your throat is?

    Or is it just me?

  • I did the North Norfolk 100 miler this past Saturday.  Going into a mental headwind and torrential rain I managed to blow a snot rocket all over my sunglasses.  I was so wet I couldn't clean them, just smeared it around a lot.  Had to do the last 30 mile almost blind.  It is an art form image

  • I just cant do the snot rocket - I am just not that coordinated image lots of sniffing and spitting and nose wiping - not particularly ladylike but does the job!

  • I go with the pinch, squeeze & a quick flick method. Works with  gloves on as well.

    Have heard its a good anti drafter defence. Someone sat on your wheel whilst racing. A quick flick over the shoulder, they wont be sitting there long image. Hasten to add never used it myself, no-one bothers to sit on my wheel!

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