What shoes with Orthotics ?

I have just been to get fitted out for orthotics. I had been suffering with constant calf pulls and twinges to my left hip area and on examination it was noticed that my left leg is about 6 mm longer than my right. I usually run in support shoes but when I asked my Podiatrist what shoes I should now use with the orthotics, he said he would use Neutral shoes but there is no hard and fast rule about it. I'm on the heavy side (15 Stone) and run a half marathon in about 1:48. I was wondering if anyone else on the heavy side has any views or experiences with orthotics. Would the extra cushioning in Neutral shoes be beneficial to me, as the support would now come from the orthotic ? Things are never easy !!


  • Find a neutral shoe that has similar cushioning to the support shoe that you currently wear if the cushioning was ok for you. Some neutral shoes have minimal cushioning, others have loads. A decent running shop should put you right

  • I have been using Asics Cumulus or Nimbus for 10 years or so (not the same pairs obviouslyimage) and I'm about your weight.

    but a neutral version of what you normally use would be a good way to go

  • Ok Thanks I'll check them out

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