Bio Mechanic

Does any one know of a good Biomechanic in the Buckingham / Milton Keynes area

I currently go to the fab Paul Swiercz in Stourbridge...but a long way for me to go for 'top ups' but i have to take a day off work..and i don't have many of those left to take.




  • Funny enough there is a group called Bucks Biomechanics and I think they are based in Aylesbury, I dont know much about them but might be worth a call
    There is also the Blackberry Clinic in MK ...

  • I will take a look at the group...i have been to Blackberry for other things but i am not sure about this.

    Paul Swiercz is so good everyone else has a lot to live up to....Thankyou

  • Finally got round to seeing Paul Swiercz this week.

    Should have gone two years ago.


    Indeed a lady who had come up from London was so delighted and relieved, she kissed him!!


  • Don't tell everyone or we will never get to see him..................image

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