Bad run ??

I  am feeling little deflated today.

I have just started running two weeks ago and today was my 7th session to the gym. I am a beginner in running so started off by 1min run/ 1min walk over 20 min

By the 6th session (Saturday gone) i was running for 3 min and walking 1 min for 30min. On saturday I hit 3.50km in 30min which is actually quite an achievement for me, being quite over weight and being out of the gym for almost a year. (I even went from speed 7.0 to 8.5)

But today i went to the gym all ready for it and I miserably failed - well although i still got my 30min run/walk doing 1min run and 1 min walk, I did it over speed 7.5/8.0 and walked on 5.0 - my legs were sooo tired!

I think i know what may have caused this....On saturday after my fantastic run on treadmil - i decided to do squats, lunges, side lunges over 3 sets and my legs were burning/aching since!! Maybe i should have rested more?

I  just wanted to put this in writing and just share it I guess.

I am still going to try the run again tomorrow morning so hopefully it'l be a good one!

In two weeks, i have lost almost under 6lbs as i have changed ny diet to better healthier and nutritional eating. I dont want to lose this awesome feeling i have experienced ie full of energy, not lethargic...

 I really hope it was a case of one bad run.....



  • YKWYKW ✭✭✭

    To be honest sounds like you are approaching things sensibly and not expecting to go straight into a 60 minute sprint.

    I think one point to remember is not every run shoudl be a "push" run - whereby a run where you are going faster/longer/harder than before.

    Also you do need to give yourself time to recover. So my advice would be:


    1. Put the last run out of your mind

    2. Following a "push run" - the next run shoudl be slower/shorter

    3. Do not do 2 push runs in a row


    They do get easier.

  • Thanks for the advise, Your approach sounds logical

    I am going to try again tomorrow -  but this time I wont focus too much on previous runs. I guess each session will be different so i need to face that fact.

    Tomorrow I will take it easy and steady with the run and not aim for the 'push' run. That way I wont feel deflated! image


  • YKWYKW ✭✭✭

    That's the trick. I found that little change helped me lots. Also you find that it means you end up injuring youself less too.

  • just out of interest, how long do you allow for recovery?

    I understand every body is different and it will vary....

    It makes sense about less injury....Means more chance of getting runs in the week....

  • MedicalertMedicalert ✭✭✭

    Remember that you have only just started. Don't try and do too much too soon.

    You will end up fatigued or injured and that can be depressing. Sounds cliche, but got to listen to your body.

    Good luck with it.

  • I am the same every time I run if its not better than the last time I feel deflated, think I'm too competitive with myself! image

  • I'm still a newbie but after 12 weeks of 'HADDing' have learnt there is more to training than trying to run faster every outing - and whilst still slow am improving in other areas image

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