Gluteus Medius

I ran the VLM three weeks ago and pulled my gluteus medius during. I thought it was a problem with my lower back however after seeing the ciropractor and Physio they said that it was because of lack of strength in my glute. The pain is still there slightly in my back but I don't know whether Ito start running again, low mileage, to build the strength up along with stretches/strengtning exercises? 

Can any one recommend advice? 


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    Funny... I had shin pain, and I was told it was a weak gluteus medius.  Maybe it gets blamed for everything image

    I guess you were given exercises to do.  I was told to stand upright with my left shoulder about 8 inches from a wall...  then lift my left foot slightly off the ground and then try and use my left knee to 'push over the wall'...  holding the pressure for at least 10 seconds.   Do that a few times a day.  Obviously, balance it out with work on the right gluteus medius if needed.

    It did seem to work for me.   The weakness was supposedly causing my leg to rotate with each step, which put stress on my lower leg on landing - leading to a shin-splint type problem.   After doing the exercises for 3-4 weeks, I could run with almost no problem.

    Sorry I can't be of more direct help... hope others can be.

  • Haha maybe it does! Well after going for further massages she recommended the only way to really overcome it was to strengthen it by running shorter runs, so around 4-6 miles along with squats and walking lunges and plenty of stretching. I've done this and it does seem to be easing although I'm still aware of it when I'm running. I'm guessing it just takes a little bit of time and patience.

    Thabk you for the advice though, the amounts and stretching and rolling around on the foam roller must be doing the job! It was obviously just weak bum muscles, ha! 

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