Half Marathon recovery time

Hi, I completed my first Half Marathon yesterday in Sheffield. I was wondering how long I should leave it to my next training session? I usually train twice a week averaging 6-8 miles. Sometimes I will do 10-13 miles depending on how I feel when I'm out.

I have been running for about a year now but actually stepped up my training for this event from Dec 27th. 



  • No need to go too mad. Just go back to your normal training days. Ease off the intensity or the mileage and build it back up to normal over a couple of weeks.
  • Sounds like a good idea. Thank you

  • It all depends on how you feel. I did a half yesterday as well, today I did an easy four mile recovery run. Just listen to your body, take it easier for a bit, and appreciate it will have taken a lot out of your body so it may well take a while to get back to were you where.

  • I did Sheffield yesterday too. Depends on how you feel and your experience really. I`m back in hard training tomorrow but I didn`t push hard yesterday. It`s suggested that you rest a day for every mile raced, so a fortnight for a half. `Rest` need not mean `don`t run` though but go steady, maybe even cross train.


  • Well if you just did a training run then that's no answer to how you should rest after a race. Does the OP want to know how to recover after a hard race? I think he does.
  • Firstly, thanks for the replies. I really appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts on this subject. To be honest Sundays event really knocked the stuffing out of me and all I did yesterday was eat n drink and rest. Glad I opted for n booking a day off work. 


  • Well done Deano. Sounds like you gave it your all. A couple of weeks of easing back should be enough.
  • One other point is it normal to feel more tired after an event than you do in training? My times in training have been between 1.49 - 1.52 and 1.48.12 on race day. So in my mind not a significant increase in performance, however I definately feel a lot more sore/stiff than i have done before. I'm wondering if I messed up on my prep somewhere? 

  • I would say it's a culimination of all the training you've done?  You're body is maybe saying "Right that is that done, I'm sore now"  I wouldn't worry about feeling more achey, it's a good thing, your body is repairing itself and readying for when you go do it again. Well done on your time,  getting a 1.48 sounds like you did all the right things for a first go at a half.  I bet you are probably feeling a lot better now as it's been a few weeks since the race?  Hav you signed up for another yet?  Best way to focus on improving is finding another half or 10k to look toward.

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