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Hi everyone,


We've been chatting about running and weight in the RW towers today and wanted to get your thoughts. Weightloss is often a motivating factor in why people start running in the first place but how much of a focus does it remain in your running careers? 


Do you run to lose or manage your weight or are the running benefits far greater than the number on the scale?


Let us know your thoughts. 





  • Running started out as the only way to shed the extra weight. Then I enjoyed it for about a year after my goal weight was reached, since then I have fallen out of love with running. 

    Hoping to get started again soon. So to answer. 

    I run to shed the pounds, but other benifits are also noticed. 


  • Similar to David above, started as an easy and cheap way to exercise and lose weight, started to love it and notice the mental benefits too, such as stress relief.

    Keep running because I enjoy it, but I'd be lying if I didn't say I like to be able to eat cake and get away with it!

  • hi, ive just took up running because ive finished uni and wanted to keep myself as motived as i was when i had to go to uni every day. it wasnt so much for the sake of losing weight, although i am just narrowly in the "plus size" but this has never bothered me. it has also brought something new to some of my friendships which is working out good so far because weve planned our own little group "events" and such.

    but i am now at the stage where it is beginning to lean towards weight loss and watching what im eating which is annoying me because its not what i wanted it all to be about!!

  • didn't you do a link with running and weight loss last week Annie.....

    can't we have something different.....

  • Thanks for all your comments so far, it's really interesting hearing your stories. I know weight-loss is often the motivation to start out but other things and benefits can quickly become more important.

    Hi Seren nos - yes you are right! I did but that was a bit more specific and was on behalf of the mag team for a feature they are doing in the next issue. This was just to hear people's stories and hopefully get some interesting discussion started. Rest assured, will mix up the themes in coming posts... 

  • I had a baby in September last year and I started running again ( i was only an occassional runner before as I did other sports) in November to try and lose some of the baby weight. I was just doing parkrun and a couple of 5/6k's during the week. In January I started to really find a lot more enjoyment in it, started running with a couple of friends, found an informal running group and have made new friends. I've now finished a few 10k races, finished my first 10 miler on Easter Sunday and did a really difficult 10k obstacle course/muddy run yesterday as part of a team. Last week I reached my pre-pregnancy weight and I'm so happy with the results. I absolutely love running, I love competing in races despite being one of the slower ones and what I thought was a solo sport is actually really sociable.

  • SlowkoalaSlowkoala ✭✭✭

    I have been the same weight for the past 20 odd years. In this time I have had 3 kids but weight doesn't fluctuate. Running never started as a means to lose weight, I run because I enjoy running and enjoy races and like being fit. My BMI indicates that I am  underweight but I think I just have a small build. I get fed up with endless articles in running magazines about weight. Editors seem to think that the main reason people run is to lose weight. There was even something in RW recently about your ideal weight for running and this suggested that I should lose a couple of pounfs. Quite confusing when every other chart tells me I am underweight. 

  • I first started power walking some 4years ago to start losing weight. I then signed up for Race for Life and slowly started running parts of my 3mile nightly power walk route and then ran the whole 5k at RFL in the summer when I had lost nearly 2stone. I continued with the exercise and half hour runs to try and lose more weight and to keep fit and completed 2more RFL. In total I have lost 3& 1/2 stone and am pleased to say that I have fallen in love with running and exercise. Just over 2years ago I was introduced to  parkrun which was a big turning point in my life as I am totally addicted to it and it is a huge part of my weekly routine and I cannot miss it! I have met lots of people along the way and made some great friends.This has also given me the confidence to enter running events and I have since taken part in 10mile races, two half marathons and even a sprint triathlon last summer! I am now looking forward to running The Gt North Run in September and my dream is to do the London Marathon, hopIng to get in next year. So even though I started to run to lose weight, I now continue because I enjoy it, it keeps me fit and healthy, gives me confidence to enter events and has introduced me to so many wonderful and inspiring people. What's not to love about running?

  • I'm 60kg, five foot five-ish and run my 5ks in around 19:45 ish, 90 min half marathon. I appear slightly 'podgy' compared to other girls in competitions and people always seem surprised that I can run as fast as I do. I find the reactions I get from people simultaneously amusing and slightly offensive in one. So one of my main issues with weight and running is not about motivation but more that being really thin is not a prequesite for running good times. 

    Running is not about weight loss for me, it's always been about competing and enjoyment, seeing the world around me when running through countryside. I also like to eat what I like, and think this is more healthy than having strict rules on yourself about what to eat. I think enjoying yourself on runs and feeling strong and fit is more important than weight loss, more far-reaching and you're more likely to maintain the commitment to running longterm - and then you're much more likely to lose the weight by accident anyway!!

  • I actually use to run so I could eat and drink a bit more of the foods and drink I really shouldn't be over-indulging in! It helped keep my weight steady (although more than what it should be!) and I was able to run half decent times.

    It was only after attempting to cut out all the rubbish I was eating and drinking earlier in the year that I started to see big improvements in my running. With the improvements in diet came continued weight loss and I managed to lose close on to a 14lbs in my 16 week marathon training schedule. I wasn't really running more, just eating a lot better. Now I've seen what improvements there has been in my running times, I don't think I could ever go back to running so I can eat more!

    Although I have now reached my initial weight loss target, I'm keen to push it a little further and lose a bit more of the puppy fat!

  • I started running as I realised that I had stopped doing sport having been very active in years gone by.  Running could fit in around work, kids etc and was a way of helping to get me fit and stop me putting on any extra weight.  I wasn't particularly overweight - I could have done with losing maybe half a stone, but nothing drastic.

    When I started running I was doing fairly short distances and felt fitter, but no real weight loss.  I then got into the 5/2 fast diet with a friend from work - we had both looked into it and decided to give it a go for two days a week.

    Having done this for a few months I lost one stone three pounds and have now dropped to fasting just once a week to maintain the weight loss and not lose more.

    The upside has been that my running times have come down considerably and my distances have gone up.  I am now regularly running three times a week and clocking up between 18 and 25 miles - more when I am on holiday.  I am enjoying my running more and feel I am getting more out of it.

    So, in short, the distances I was running (5k -8k) didn't do much for losing weight, but having lost weight my running benefitted - and in return, it is helping keep me in good nick - I'm managing my weight pretty easily, but have toned up considerably (to the great expense of needing new clothes)  and am feeling better than I have felt in years

  • Hi Started running to loose weight. I then got the bug and love that I am much thinner and much happier. 

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