Camelbak - yes or no?



  • Looked at another el cheapo pack,but think camel bak is worth it..

  • I use a Camelbak Alterra, it is a waste pack style but very stable. Has  a number of pockets for gels and such too.

  • I've been thinking about getting a camelbak, never bothered taking anything on my runs but finding on the odd hot days we've gotten needed water badly. I don't really like the hand water bottles.

  • I use a camelback style of rehydration system, the major downside I find (IMHO) is that for the longer duration runs the water heats up due to the conduction of heat from your back, this is made worse on hot days. A lot of the serious ultra guys dont like them because of the time spent re-filling them at check points in comparison to the bottles, and its difficult to monitor your hydration levels because of not realy being able to see it.

    Other than that they are great bits of kit, the load feels well balanced on your back. Top tip though... get all of the air out of the bladder before closing it, the sloshing noise drives me nuts!! is this just me? image

  • I lost my bladder for mine so just use he bag,carry large water bottle and get it out as Iam running along,kinda got the hang of it now..

    like the fact you can see how much your drinking,only get the bottle out at 10 miles 

  • I vote for Camelbak (but on the long runs) as you can carry 1-2 L's with you.

  • So many different types,there is a classic 2 ltr on sports direct for 35 at mo,just not loads of room for storage for gels ect

  • Then again the xtc one looks nice with side pockets for gels

  • I have the Octane XCT and its a great pack. Those side pockets are ideal.

  • Thanks ,it's a bit more but the pockets does it for me...

  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭

    Ok... Excuse me butting in, just signed up for my first ultra, cannot decide between an omm 12l (I believe you can get water bladders for them) or a something like a camelbak octane. Anyone tried both ?


    also they do work do they I mean you can get a decent drink not just the odd sip.

  • Nice manners bt! Camelbaks do work. You can glug away to your heart`s content. However, they can slosh around and are a pain to clean. If it`s Ladybower laps you`re doing, then you may find other alternatives.

  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭


  • booktrunk: I can't comment on the camelbak. OMM12L is pretty good; it's my secondary running backpack. You can fit a two litre bladder in it in the pocket provied for that. My primary pack is the Salomon wings 10+3 vest - really comfortable, the front pockets are great for sweeties, the side pockets take more substantial food on one side and I can stuff my windproof jacket into the pocket on the otherside. The outside pocket on the back takes things like my little tin of Vaseline, and the main pocket taes the waterproof jacket, other emergency stuff, sanwiches etc. on self-supported marathon-length + training runs...

    Bladders don't have to slosh: after filling, turn upside down and suck the air out - simple!

    And yes, they're dead easy to drink from.

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