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Novice talking here.

I have mentioned this before, but the top of my left leg is very sore when walking/running. I have the manchester 10km a week on Sunday. I need to get this leg sorted and have booked a mobile masseur to come round tonight and go a session next Tuesday at a clinic as well, where i have been before.

I am thinking of stopping all running until the race to try to help it along, but this far ahead of the race, having my last 10km done last thursday (16 days prior to the race) and doing on 3.6km last night before having to stop and I in danger of losing all fitness and speed?

I think the issue is tight and pulled muscles around the top of my leg, sometimes outside thigh hurts, sometimes the top of the thight, sometimes the inner leg near my groin, but it is so hard to pinpoint the area of pain. It just seems all around the top of my leg.

Advice please on the running situation, not the injury as I know you cant diagnose the problem from a forum, but someone may have an idea what it could be from my description.


  • The massage sounds like a great idea. Just make sure it's proper Sports Masseur with plenty of experience with runners. The best ones are the ones that other runners recommend. Don't expect too much if you get massaged by someone from the poodle parlour.
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    You're bound to lose something by missing those last 16 days... but not catastrophic.  Certainly a lot better to do that than keep aggravating an injury.

    How much will you lose? That will really vary from individual to individual. But speaking generally, the 10K is primarily about endurance / speed endurance.   Your base endurance will hardly be affected by 16 days.... but probably lose a little on the  top-speed you can keep up. 

    If you were fully fit, and decided to do no further exercise for 16 days, I'd take a stab that it would cost you 3-4% on your time,  You can do a small amount to minimse that loss by doing some other training (swimming/cycling;rowing), if that's ok for your leg.

    Good luck.

  • I was doing 10km in 63 mins, so fully fit i am not. This injury was not suppose to happen, really concerned as I am doing this 10Km to prove to people i can do it and this is simply not going to allow me to maximise the limited performance i do have.

  • Had a massage last night, apparently nothing seems pulled but muscles are so tight, part of the sorted but still too sore to run. Got another session booked for Tuesday which is 5 days before the run.

    I just feel like it is 5 months training down the drain, so upset by this.

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