Mainz Marathon 2014

Thinking about targetting Mainz Marathon in May 2014 - has anyone any experience of it before?

It will be a nostalgic trip for my (non-running) wife who lived in Mainz for a year during our university days (and for me to an extent, as I visited there three times in that year).  So, on that basis, it will be a much easier sell than normal for me to get a "marathon holiday" next year...  image

That is, if I don't get into London 2014 through the ballot as I'll be too late with the GFA entry (if I manage to get within the time at the Loch Ness Marathon in September 2013 that is...).


  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    How could I have missed this one?! It looks great.

    I've not done it -but would be very interested to hear what your report is. Normally german races are superbly organised and a fantastic atmosphere so i'd expect that image

  • Hi Calum.

    I am looking to do this one as my wife has a brother who lives there. The online regustration appears to be open, but am struggling as it seems to need a "bank code" from a German account.

    Wondering how you are getting around this.

  • I was a student there and also interested in combining Memory Lane with a stunning marathon - but I can't seem to get around the payment system either. Any suggestions?

  • I had a look too - maybe email them and ask them if  you can do a transfer to their bank account?  I notice there's a Facebook page - you could ask there.  I was looking at the Freiburg marathon which is on April 7th - I studied there!  I went to Mainz a few times as well.  Nice and easy to get to from Frankfurt airport!


  • Update.

    I have entered with the help of a German friend kindly letting me use their bank account details.

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