Calf Strain: Will compression sleeves help during marathon

Hi guys,

17 days ago I got a calf strain, this was 4 weeks out from Edingburgh marathon, had to rest for 17 days.

It's just about ok and on Sunday I went for a slow 3 miler, yesterday a 6 miler and tonight I plan a 9 miler. It's basically, *hit or bust as I dont want to go all the way up north to breakdown after 10 miles or so. Hoping to get 15-20 in on Friday as the final test.

Question is, I havent worn compression sleeves before, should I purchase some Skins MX for the marathon as a bit more support or will they hinder more than help.

Advice please..........


  • Very unlikely to make the slightest difference, unfortunately

  • Rok tape might be be a better idea but not too sure if that can make much difference either.
  • I'm sure they won't help but what's the betting that someone comes along claiming that scattering elephant powder keeps the pachyderms off the streets.

  • PG3PG3 ✭✭✭

    I would have thought getting a physio to tape you up would be better than compression socks.  Good luck and I hope you make it to the start and finish line.

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