Marathon training

Hi everyone

Started to train for my first marathon in September (Berlin one), and been running now for a couple of months but has recently incresed the frequency of my runs as i'm sticking to the training plan.

However, get really bad chin splints... It kind of goes away once i've run for a little bit, but if I stop, then start running again my chins are so stiff.


Any help/advise/tips on how to cure this..??

Would very much apprecite help on this





  • Hi there.

    I was in the same situation a few months ago training for Shakespheare Marathon (my first one), I firstly pulled my Calf in feb while upping my milage and doing speed work. I also had shin splints throughout this time however tried to run through both and did do to some degree not fallowing advice about resting, With 3 weeks to go I decided to stop running all together as would have had no chance of making my marathon due to legs not healing. I started cross training (cycling and rowing) at the gym doing more milage than i would run, and using weights on my legs if it didnt appear to effect my injuries and during this time both injuries appear to settle down, I also did stretches on shins and calf from watching videos on tube about shin splints and calf strains and at the time did help.

    I started the marathon and for the first 3 mile i could feel my shin splints but they then appeared to go off the longer i ran and didnt re-appear throughout the race. I finished in 4hour 35mins, I wanted to go under 4hours but was so pleased to finish considering i only ran 16mile once in training. I still do get shin splints but they dont appear to be as bad and i am stretching them before and after exercise.

    People may say not to run your marathon as they did with me but i am you can finish it. Sorry if you think i am rambling but hope it helps.

    Good luck




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