High instep trainers?

Hi all,

I really hope someone has had a similar experience to me and is able to help. I completed the c25k programme a couple months ago, and have since worked my way up to 10k distance. I have quite high arches and very high insteps although I also moderately pronate. I'm about 82kg and have fairly regular width feet. 

Since upping my distance I've had inflamed tendons along the top of my instep (extensor). I've tried different lacing patterns and elastic laces but the problem keeps reoccurring. I've taken time off/iced and been pain-free before a run, so can only conclude that my shoes are just not quite suitable. 

Currently I run in Mizuno Alchemy 12s, which are great apart from the instep room and possibly being a little over-supportive. I've also tried Mizuno Wave Inspire 9s on other advice, but they really didn't suit. 

Hopefully that's enough info for someone to help suggest possible mild-pronation shoes that would suit my high instep. Thanks so much in advance for any suggestions you may have!




  • Hi there image

    I also have a high instep and slightly overpronate.

    After many problems with many different pairs of trainers, I finally settled on Nike Pegasus and have't had any problems since. They are neutral shoes, not pronation shoes. But, I was originally advised to use stability shoes, for the overpronation, by a running shop...but they gave me achilles problems.  

    I hope that helps a bit. Unfortunately it can sometimes be a bit of an expensive job trying to find a pair that suit.


  • I dont know if its any help, but in researching shoes for a friend who has high arches, most places said that cushioned shoes (like the nike pegasus) were the thing as if you have a high arch there is likely to be little flexibility in it.

  • Thanks a lot for replying. I'm heading off for a mammoth shoe-trying session at the weekend so will keep all your advice in mind! Thanks again! 

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