Torn calf muscle

As for group fitness instructor I went straight back to work the day after my first marathon and now 2 weeks later during my class yesterday I jumped and my calf muscle ( gastrocnemius to be specific) has a tear.  The ladies at the front heard it! I continued teaching with the adrenaline pumping but now I'm struggling.  Got gp to confirm the torn muscle and resting it.  I have done this before just over a year ago to the other leg but this was a worse tear than now. Obviously my priority is my job and getting proper recovery but im sad that i will lose my running fitness. Has anyone else experienced this injury and got any advise? 


  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    You're the fitness instructor. Shouldn't you be telling us?

  • Thanks mate..

  • Why would you say that?  Only asking for anyone experience. No need to kick someone when they are down.  Anyone else got anything constructive to say? 

  • I had a tear recently and I found that I needed to rest it for at least 2-4 weeks then I started building up small runs on the treadmill until I could run without much pain.

    One thing people say (and my GP told me) is to rest until the pain goes away i.e. do nothing.  I found the pain never went no matter how long I rested. The pain didnt start to go until I started running on it again. It seemed like the more I was able to run the better it got.  I was careful not to do anything too hard and not tear it again but eventually it did start to get better. 

    I don't advocate ignoring your GP's advice, but I did and it worked.

    Just dont injure it again is the main thing. It takes time.

  • Thanks Lee, the gp said I should try and stretch the muscle after 48 hours rest so that seems to confirm what you say. dropping my heel off the edge of stairs etc. At the moment I'm only able to put a small amount of weight on my toes with my calf contracted.  I'm having baths to warm the muscle and stretch it but its painful.  Appreciate your comment. 

  • Yeah be careful with the stretching, so easy to have it go again.

    It's frustrating and felt like I would never run again to be honest but evetually does get better.  I'm back running 20miles a week with no problems.

  • Yep frustrated.. Was going to do the race for life on Sunday.  Might try and transfer? I'm also off work so not getting paid. 

    its crazy as I had no warning or pain before, just went.   Good to know you are back to full fitness! 

  • NGirl im actully suffering with the same problem,running on the tready about 2weeks ago i felt a sharp pain and stopped,calf was in half, swollen and i was limping with a lot of pain,rested for about 8days,then today because i felt no pain went back on the tready again,after about 15mins sharp pain again,in to see the works phyisio tomorrow,so i know how you feel,saying that its my fault,after i done the blackpool marathon in april,i didnt rest,hope you calf heels soonimage

  • I too am recovering from a calf injury, not a tear but a pull. I am finally after 9 days of no running feeling like its getting better. I should have rested as soon as I pulled it but stupid,y carried on and of course delayed it getting better! 

    I now have little soreness when walking down the stairs to hoping to go for a gentle run tomorrow. image 


    hope you rest up and get back to work soon! 

  • Managed to get myself a calf injury last Saturday. Have also managed to pick up a bug and have a couple of days off work, so all in all, a bad week. 

    Hopefully I feel ok in the morning and can manage a gentle Park Run with my better half. She wont go if I dont!


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