Support team to runners...

Hi all you fine FLM runners...the support team is taking shape, and my plan is make sure support is as great as Ashley supplied this year. To help us, it would be great if, nearer the time, you runners can tell us when you think you will get to the 18 mile mark. Then we can be ready with tea, coffee, gels, Snickers, gin, hugs or other vital thingys.
This year some of you peeps who'd spent longest on your legs got missed, and we'd like to be there to support EVERYONE.
I thank you.


  • HI there CMK,

    I hope that the urwfrc website might help do that, if people put in and update their estimated times I can work out roughly when they should be coming through the 18 mile marker.

    It will also save you having to wade through a mass of posting which keep changing. I can simply put all the information into an Excel spread sheet and send it to you.

    Hope this is helpful

  • SB - that would be brilliant, many thanks. Maybe nearer the time we need a special thread urging peeps to fill in their times on the urwfrc site. The 18 mile timings were a brilliant help to me this year, and I didn't miss a single Maturite.
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