Really feeling the training....

Morning all,

I have recently run a marathon with my training typically being between 8-16 hours a week and really enjoyed the training and loving (the end of) the race.

I have over the past couple of weeks started to train for a triathlon and over the first couple of weeks to get back in to the swing of things I have kept things  small, between 3-5 hours usually 90 minutes in the pool (2x45 minute sessions), 90 minutes on the bike and a couple of 5ks.

Even with the smaller training times, I feel absolutely drained, my knees (which I have never had a problem with previously) have swollen, I'm exhausted on 8-10 hours sleep a night, I constantly feel dehydrated to a level I havnt felt since mile 23 and I am absolutely starving.

I can't see how this is my body adapting to the inclusion of swimming and cycling in to my training as the amounts I've been doing are a massive reduction from my marathon training and its been going on for to long for it to be any form of man flu.

Has the happened to anyone else? I had a break between the marathon and the start of triathlon training, could that have an effect?

I just want to enjoy my training again!

Thanks for any help!


  • Jeez Louise - 16 hours of marathon training ? Even at 10mm thats 96 miles per week ? Thats a huge amount of training time - over 2 hours per day.

    I'd have thought that it was the after effects of that rather than the small amount of tr training you're doing.

    How did the marathon go ? And how are you taking the triathlon exercise ? Easy 5k runs or racing them ? Nice and slow on the bike or blasting it ?

    I think your body probably needs a little more TLC and rest ?
  • I did my first tri last sep with no training and have since got into it, this year I started training properly from march, focusing on swiming, i swim 4 mornings a week for 30 mins and 1-2 evenings for 60 mins, I run 2-3 times a week and cycle to work 2 times a week approx 26 mile round trip and have a long leasurly ride on Sunday mornings last week 30 miles, I have started a 10 week plan this week leading up to Birmingham Olympic Tri in july. For the first couple of weeks I was totaly drained and missed the odd sesh as I couldn't be arsed, but I stook to the mantra of little and often and when tired go for a 10 min jog after work to keep the momentum going.

    I still get tired but thats mainly due to lack of sleep, and am also always hungry, I'm constantly snacking on fruit and bikkies

  • Have a rest for a week and reboot?

    What distance tri you training for?

  • JPGoodboy - Looks like we'll be doing the same triathlon in July. Are you from the Midlands area?

  • Randall...when was your marathon? I was always done in for about a month after a marathon, so maybe it's got more to do with that than the other sports?

  • It's got to be the hangover from all of the marathon training. 5 hours exercise a week wouldnt tire a normal person out like this.

    How did the marathon go ? I'd expect sub 3 with all of those miles ?
  • sounds a bit like burnout from all those marathon training miles. As cougie and DustBoy recommend, have a week off all training, take a breather from it, and then gradually ramp it up from there. When you do start training again, make sure you're eating enough. I guess you weren't swimming when you were marathon training, so perhaps this too is contributing to the fatigue; just using hitherto neglected muscles can be enough to tire you out in a way you aren't used to. It'll come good if you give it time, but important you get into a good, well-rested state first.

  • GravityGuy wrote (see)

    JPGoodboy - Looks like we'll be doing the same triathlon in July. Are you from the Midlands area?

    Hi GravityGuy, yes, I'm in Coventry, are you nearby ?

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