Broken toe....

Says it all. I think I've just cracked it, and it's going a nice shade of purple. I'm expecting yellow tomorrow.

Any tips to get through the race?
Handful of painkillers?
Some kind of strapping?
Give up and have a bit of time off?

Thanks, you lot.


  • p.s. no, I was sober, actually!
  • oh Swerve!


    If you have broken it, it'll hurt far too much to race. I am a veteran of broken toes and all you can do is wait until the pain is bearable.

    It might just be bruised? Ice, elevation etc?

  • Never mind that. We're still waiting to hear ALL about your new pb!
  • Which sounds a tad unsympathetic. Sorry to hear that, Swerve. Always happens when one's on a roll.
  • I raced on a broken toe last year (wasn't sure I'd broken it at the time). It took several weeks to get back to normal cos of the race.

    My advice, don't do the race.
  • Damn!
    I demand a third opinion. Then a fourth, fifth, sixth etc. until someone lies to me.

    Nah, I'm sure it's broken (again!). The one next to the left big toe, at the joint below the nail. Current status - dark purple and red, with just a hint of yellow starting.

    Not happy.

    Not even about my PB. The story of which will have to wait, Muttley, but essentially revolves around my having run a certain distance faster than I had done previously.

    And my blooming home PC has died in sympathy.

    Oh well, thanks all.
  • "my having run a certain distance faster than I had done previously"

    Excellent definition of a PB!
  • Swerve, Just Don't Do It!!!
  • If it was a world champs, then I'd risk it.
    But it isn't. And you'd be foolish to damage yourself more by racing.

    Rest up and you'll minimise your time out.

    Race and you could knack next season's chances.
  • I didn't race.

    I am now not a happy bunny, but not a severely damaged bunny either.
    Definitely the right decision - you are all very wise. Thanks!

    I'm off to grease up the bike now.

    Cougie, what makes you think it wasn't the Worlds? I'm mortally offended! ;-)
  • [pats Swerve consolingly]

    You'll be glad in the long run, poppet.
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