Buttock muscle strain!


Story: slight ache (like pulled muscle) after short (5k) run on Sunday....felt better by yesterday- flared up after longer (10k) run last night.

Got GM 10k a week on Sunday.

Don't think it is piriformis as no pain/ tingling in leg and no sharp pain when press centre of butt cheek. Pain is more at very bottom of cheek, where is meets top of leg (if this makes sense).

Diclofenac helps but wondered if anyone could suggest stretches or strengthening that might help.



  • possibly your hamstrings then?

    standard stretches should do it i would think? as well as some trigger point massage.

  • Hi


    Thanks for your reply. Not sure I understand the trigger point theory. Do you mean tightness in my hamstrings might be causing (literally) a pain in my bum?

  • Can anyone confirm whether a sports massage (this close to the 10k) will help or hinder?



  • Hi - chance you had what I had, which I was convinced was a pulled glute but turned out it was a damaged hamstring tendon (hence feels like its in your bum) ... but the area is quite complicated (lots of diff muscles in there so worth getting a physio opinion).

    For me the pain was extremely bad for a week then died down but never went away and would flare up from exercise.

    What I have and am still doing to sort:

    No lunges/squats/deadlifts/stretching the hamstring

    Hamstring bridges to work the hamstring without causing the tendon stress (so lie on back with legs raised on something, knees slightly bent and raise pelvis off the floor .... something like 7 times with ten seconds rest, every day if poss)

    You may want to back off running after the race for a bit. I dont think a sports massage can help.

    However - still worth getting a physio opinion.

  • Hi Vicky

    Thanks for response. Can I confirm- are you suggesting no lunges, but yes to the other exercises (squats/deadlifts/stretching the hamstrings)?

    I'm seeing a physio on Monday, but everyone's opinions welcome in meantime.

    Thanks all


  • nope

    no lunges

    no squats

    no deadlifts

    no stretching the hamstring (really!)

    you need to rest the area, all these things make the damage worse.

  • Thanks!

    Had been doing deadlifts and stretching/ foam rollering which might be why hasn't died down...

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